Why is Stadol used during labor?

Narcotic pain medications (for example: Demerol, Morphine, Stadol) are often given during early labor, to provide temporary pain relief. For early labor, these medications are given as an injection into the buttocks muscle. The same medications may also be given through the intravenous (IV) route during active labor.

Is Stadol safe during labor?

Studies show that butorphanol is a safe, low cost, and effective medication for pain relief during labor. 3 However, like all medications, side effects are possible. They can affect both you and your baby.

What is the drug Stadol used for?

This medication is used to treat moderate to severe pain, including pain from surgery, muscle pain, and migraine headaches. Butorphanol is an opioid pain reliever similar to morphine.

Does Stadol affect baby?

Stadol During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Butorphanol may be harmful to an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant. Butorphanol is sometimes used during early labor, but using it just before childbirth can cause breathing problems in a newborn. Butorphanol passes into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby.

What are the side effects of Stadol?

nausea, vomiting; drowsiness, dizziness; dry mouth; or. warmth or redness under the skin.

What are the effects of Stadol?

The most frequently reported side effects in studies with butorphanol tartrate were drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and/or vomiting. In studies where patients used butorphanol tartrate nasal spray for up to 6 months, nasal congestion and difficulty sleeping were frequently reported.

How fast do you push Stadol?

Initially a 1-mg dose of Stadol NS should generally be used in geriatric patients and 90–120 minutes should elapse before administering a second 1-mg dose, if needed (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY: Individualization of Dosage).

How strong is Stadol?

After initial priming each metered spray delivers an average of 1.0 mg of butorphanol tartrate and the 2.5 mL bottle will deliver an average of 14 to 15 doses of Butorphanol Tartrate Nasal Spray USP. If not used for 48 hours or longer, the unit must be reprimed (see PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS).

What class drug is Stadol?

Butorphanol is an opioid pain medication that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is also used as part of anesthesia for surgery, or during early labor (if childbirth is expected to be more than 4 hours away).

Is Stadol strong?

Stadol (generic name: Butorphanol Tartrate) is a potent analgesic agent. It is used for the relief of moderate to severe pain.

How fast does Stadol work?

After intramuscular administration, pain relief onset occurred at 30 minutes or less, and peak effect occurred between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The duration of action of Stadol Injection was 3–4 hours when defined as the time necessary for pain intensity to return to pretreatment level or the time to retreatment.

How long does a shot of Stadol last?

What class of opioid is Stadol?

Stadol belongs to a class of drugs called Opioid Analgesics; Analgesics, Opioid Partial Agonist.

Is Stadol a controlled substance?

Stadol nasal spray is a Class IV federally controlled substance. There have been many reports of patients abusing this agent. It should only be prescribed with caution in most patients due to its addictive potential.