Why did Carlos Dunlap change his number?

Dunlap picked No. 43 after being traded to Seattle last year because his number in Cincinnati, 96, is retired in Seattle for Hall of Fame defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy. He picked that as a nod to his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina’s 843 area code.

What’s going on with Carlos Dunlap?

Carlos Dunlap is once again leaving Seattle for the free-agent market. The Seattle Seahawks have released the defensive end, the team announced Friday. Seattle is also parting ways with defensive lineman Kerry Hyder, who started seven games in 2021, his first and only season with the Seahawks.

Who owns Honey uninhibited?

Carlos Dunlap
This NFL player is opening a soul food restaurant near Brickell with a party and free food. Breakfast, brunch, booze. We’re in. Honey Uninhibited, owned by former Florida Gator Carlos Dunlap, is Brickell’s latest fast casual joint.

Why did Seattle release Dunlap?

Seattle Seahawks reportedly release Carlos Dunlap on Friday The reason is that Dunlap was a bargain for what he potentially can do and the Seahawks have no one to really pick up his productivity. If Dunlap was signed for several more years, fine.

Why did Seahawks release Dunlap?

Following the trade of Russell Wilson to Denver and the release of Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks appear to be shifting from win-now mode to a team again building toward the future. That means immediate-impact veterans like Dunlap no longer fit their plans, making his release a logical move.

Is Carlos Dunlap a free agent?

After more than a decade with the Bengals, he was traded there in October 2020. The Seahawks cut him at the end of the season, but brought him back not long after. The move didn’t come as a surprise, and Dunlap signed a two-year deal. Halfway through that pact, however, he finds himself a free agent once again.

Is Dunlap still with the Seahawks?

Where is Carlos Dunlap going?

Dunlap, 33, only joined Seattle in October 2020, when the Seahawks acquired him via trade with the Bengals.