Who were the last 5 Heisman winners?

Heisman Trophy winners, 2010-present

  • Cam Newton, Auburn, QB | 2010.
  • Robert Griffin III, Baylor, QB | 2011.
  • Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M, QB | 2012.
  • Jameis Winston, Florida State, QB | 2013.
  • Marcus Mariota, Oregon, QB | 2014.
  • Derrick Henry, Alabama, RB | 2015.
  • Lamar Jackson, Louisville, QB | 2016.

Who has the 2005 Heisman trophy?

Bush won the 2005 Heisman with 784 of 892 first-place votes, beating out Texas’ Vince Young and USC teammate Matt Leinart.

Who is the greatest Heisman winner of all time?

1968: O.J. Simpson rushed for 1,709 yards and 22 touchdowns to win Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award, all given to the nation’s top player. The Heisman race was no contest: Simpson won by 1,750 points, which is still the largest margin of victory in Heisman history.

Did Tim Tebow win the Heisman twice?

Tebow was a three-time finalist (2007, ’08, ’09) but won the award only once, which happened his first year heading to New York City.

Which NFL team has had the most Heisman Trophy winners?

NFL Teams That Have Drafted the Most Heisman Winners

Current NFL Franchises Number of Heisman Winners
Detroit Lions 10
Cleveland/LA/St. Louis Rams 9
Houston Oilers Tennessee Titans 6
Washington Redskins 5

Who is the greatest college football player ever?

Here’s our list of the 50 greatest college football players of all time.

  • Johnny Lujack, Notre Dame.
  • Mike Singletary, Baylor.
  • Anthony Carter, Michigan.
  • Lawrence Taylor, North Carolina.
  • Eric Dickerson, Southern Methodist.
  • Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State.
  • Desmond Howard, Michigan. 2 of 50.
  • George Gipp, Notre Dame. 1 of 50.