Who was the star of Then Came Bronson?

Star Michael Parks
Then Came Bronson Star Michael Parks Dies The show aired on NBC from the fall of 1969 through spring of 1970. Parks portrayed the lead character, Jim Bronson, who sets out to see America on a Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster he inherited from a friend who committed suicide in the series pilot.

Was there a TV show called Then Came Bronson?

Then Came Bronson began with a television film pilot that aired on NBC on March 24, 1969; the pilot was also released in Europe as a theatrical feature film….

Then Came Bronson
Original release September 17, 1969 – April 1, 1970

What kind of motorcycle did Michael Parks ride in Then Came Bronson?

Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster
In that series, Michael Parks, who portrayed the main character, Jim Bronson, took us all over the west coast and southwest of the U.S. aboard a 1968 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster.

What was the theme song for Then Came Bronson?

Long Lonesome Highway
Long Lonesome Highway (Theme From “Then Came Bronson”) – song by Michael Parks | Spotify.

How old is Michael Parks then Bronson?

Michael Parks
Parks in Then Came Bronson (1969)
Born Harry Samuel ParksApril 24, 1940 Corona, California, U.S.
Died May 9, 2017 (aged 77) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, singer

Is James Parks related to Michael Parks?

Parks was born in Ojai, California. His roles include Texas Ranger Edgar McGraw in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money, Kill Bill: Volume 1, Kill Bill: Volume 2, Death Proof and Machete. Earl McGraw, the father of Edgar McGraw, is played by James’s real life father, Michael Parks.

Is Michael Parks the actor alive?

May 9, 2017Michael Parks / Date of death

Is Then Came Bronson on DVD?

5.0 out of 5 stars Then Came Bronson-Hang In There! Great movie on DVD.

When was then Bronson made?

September 17, 1969Then Came Bronson / First episode date

Who was Michael Parks married to?

Alston Fencim. 1987–1996
Carolyn Kay Carsonm. 1969–1977Jan Moriartym. 1964–1964Louise M. Johnsonm. 1956–1958Oriana Parksm.?–2017
Michael Parks/Spouse

Where is Michael Parks today?

Michael Parks, a veteran character actor memorable in a long career of quirky and award-winning films and TV shows, died Tuesday. He was 77. His death in Los Angeles was confirmed by his agent, Jane Schulman of Vesta Talent Agency. She did not specify the cause of death but answered, “Life,” when asked why he died.

Is Michael Parks still alive?

Was Michael Parks ever married?