Who was responsible for the Jonestown massacre?

The poisonings in Jonestown followed the murder of five others by Temple members at Port Kaituma, including United States Congressional Representative Leo Ryan, an act that Jones ordered….Jonestown.

Peoples Temple Agricultural Project “Jonestown”
Region Barima-Waini
Population (1978)
• Total 918

Can you visit Jonestown?

Even though the Northwest District has seen some development since 1978, it is still difficult to access and requires a great deal of planning and research. There are no roads to Jonestown from Guyana’s capital of Georgetown, and commercial air travel is available only on a limited schedule.

Did Jim Jones sell monkeys door to door?

In 1953, declaring that he was outraged at what he perceived as racial discrimination in his white congregation, Mr. Jones established his own church and pointedly opened it to all ethnic groups. To raise money, he imported monkeys and sold them door to door as pets.

What happened to John stoen?

John Victor Stoen died in a South American jungle 10 years ago, the object of a struggle over which he had no control, a victim of an evil he would never understand. The last taste in his mouth was grape drink poisoned with cyanide.

How many died in Jonestown Massacre?

Many of Jones’ followers willingly ingested a poison-laced punch while others were forced to do so at gunpoint. The final death toll at Jonestown that day was 909; a third of those who perished were children.

Where did Jim Jones get his money?

Jim Jones, who died with more than 900 followers in Guyana on Nov. 18, left a network of secret bank accounts around the world totaling more than $10 million, according to former aides. With his death, a mysterious international battle has begun for the fortune amassed by the People’s Temple.

Why do they say don’t drink the Kool Aid?

The phrase “drinking the Kool-Aid” refers to followership at its worse. It was coined after a delusional, pseudo-guru named Jim Jones led his cult, the Peoples Temple, to mass suicide. Over 900 people, including 304 children, killed themselves by drinking from a vat of grape-flavored drink laced with cyanide.

Who was Sharon Amos?

Sharon Amos, who was at the Peoples Temple headquarters in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, roughly 150 miles away, responded to Jones’s radio call to kill themselves along with those at the settlement. She obeyed Jones, entering the bathroom with a knife to kill two of her children, Christa and Martin Amos.

What happened to Peoples Temple money?

Jim Jones ordered the transfer of more than $7 million in Peoples Temple funds to the Soviet government for the benefit of “oppressed people” around the world.

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