Who should I give Vertibird plans to?

It is advisable to get the quest from the Brotherhood of Steel for the plans at the same time and give them to Matt first. The Brotherhood will reward the player character and give them a copy of the plans, allowing one to complete both quests.

Where do you get the Vertibird plans in Fallout 2?

Getting the plans

  • Many Enclave technicians will point the Chosen One to the location of the vertibird plans, including Quincy, a maintenance technician at the northeast hangar with a truck.
  • Go into sneak mode and search the locker to the right behind Quincy and the player character will find the plans in there.

How do you infiltrate Navarro?

The first entrance is in the old gas station. To enter Navarro from there, you have to kill Chris, the gas station attendant. The entrance leads to the subterranean portion of the Navarro complex. The second entrance is located to the west, and you’ll have to enter an air vent to access that area.

What happened to San Francisco in Fallout?

San Francisco was hit hard by nukes, but it didn’t kill the city. Instead it just mutated it into something a bit weirder. You’ll have to make your way past an oddly revived Chinatown, post-nuke punks, and a bizarre group of cultists called Hubologists.

Can you join the enclave in Fallout 2?

You can’t join them in the second game, because they don’t let anyone ‘join’ them. You’re born into the enclave, or you’re an enemy of the enclave. Plenty of games had music in the 90’s lol & the atmosphere of the soundtracks in Fallout 1 & 2 is amazing.

How can I get free XARN?

The player should talk to the doctor to gain clearance to Xarn. Snookie guards the door to Xarn. The Chosen One needs to tell her that they have been cleared by Schreber to put down the deathclaw or kill her to be able to kill or free Xarn.

Could a Vertibird actually fly?

Overall the VertiBird is easy to learn how to pilot for basic flight, but precision flying will require some patience and time on the controls as in a real helicopter. As noted there is a spring assist to lift the VertiBird. However, in actual operation the assist is not enough to lift the VertiBird off the ground.

Can you side with Enclave FO3?

Can you join the Enclave in FO3? No, no choice to side with the Enclave.

What does water chip do in Fallout 2?

The water chip is the MacGuffin that kickstarts the plot of Fallout and provides the impetus in the first act of the game. It has no additional role in the game beyond delivering it to Vault 13 to remove the initial time limit.

What guns can Sulik use?

He can use any melee weapons, though the best choices for him are the super sledge, Ripper, or the power fist and submachine guns such as the H&K P90c or H&K G11E. Team members can only use weapons they have the animation frames for.

Does the institute have vertibirds?

There are no institute vertibirds sadly.

How many vertibirds does the BOS have?

The Brotherhood of Steel, Gunners, and Minutemen and the Railroad utilize the vehicles. There are four named vertibirds, including the Claymore, Scimitar, Spatha, and Vorpal.

Are Vertibirds prewar?

Based on evidence from the Museum of Freedom, the Vertibird (at least in its early/pre-War versions) lacks shielding and is susceptible to an EMP. Its armaments consist of two front-facing cannons and dual miniguns. The Vertibird’s crew consists of two pilots but can be piloted just as smoothly with only one.

What happened to Chicago in Fallout?

The Midwestern Brotherhood was contacted and confirmed they were still operating out of Chicago, after a recently waged war against a band of super mutants. In the Commonwealth, the city is mentioned on the holotape Welcome home!, as well as the source of the Skylanes 1981 flight in Skylanes smuggling manifest.

Can you have Kellogg as a companion?

Actually, you can have Kellogg as a companion if you are on a PC (not a console). The project Depravity mod (produced by project valkyrie team, uploaded by thuggysmurf) at nexusmods has an alternate dialog and playthrough path from Fort Hagen.