Who should I fight first in Mega Man 5?

Stone Man makes a great start since his stage is relatively simple, albeit quite long. You won’t have a great advantage by having other weapons, and his attacks are fairly easy to avoid since he’s a more slow-moving enemy than most Mega Man bosses.

How do you beat the Crystal Man in Mega Man 5?

Mega Man 5 Crystal Man jumps repeatedly, sometimes stopping in mid-air to attack. If he stops in mid-jump, he will shoot an energy shot. To avoid it, the player should stand below him and slide to the side Crystal Man came when he is about to fire the energy shot, then shoot at him as much as possible.

Who is weak to gravity man?

When he changes gravity in his arena, it is Mega Man’s opportunity to shoot him. His weakness is the Star Crash, and it can also negate his shots.

What is napalm man’s weakness?

the Crystal Eye
Napalm Man also attacks by shooting head missiles which can be avoided by just jumping over them. He is weak when he has jumped and when he finishes firing missiles. His weakness is the Crystal Eye, but it should be fired at a wall, to increase the chances of two orbs hitting him.

Who is the easiest boss in Mega Man 5?

Gravity Man Mega Buster Gravity Man is by far the easiest Robot Master to defeat with the Mega Buster so we’ll tackle him first. The trick to beating him is to charge your Mega Buster and whenever Gravity Man reverses gravity, release your charge slightly before you line up with him horizontally.

What is fire man’s weakness?

Fire Man

Weapon: Fire Storm
Weakness: Ice Slasher
Affiliations: Dr. Light
Occupation: Waste Disposal Worker

What is impact man’s weakness?

Impact man is weak to Acid Barrier, but since the barrier won’t damage him unless used with Power Gear, and its projectiles can only be fired with the barrier up, it can be difficult to use it against him. In the Superhero difficulty, Impact Man’s attacks are much faster and do more damage.

What is gyro man’s weakness?

His weakness is Gravity Hold, which can hit him regardless where he is, but as the player has fair enough energy to destroy him, it is better not to use it on his level, so the player comes with a full weapon bar to defeat him. Gravity Hold can destroy Gyro Man in seven hits.

What is Ice Man’s weakness?

Weakness: Thunder Beam (Mega Man, Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge)

What is torch man’s weakness?

Weakness: Tundra storm As his main attack, Torch Man will fire his fists at you: one at your head (which can be slid under) and one at your feet that you can jump over. You can’t shoot a charged shot through these, so you’ll need to dodge them and then fire off an attack after they’ve cleared.

What is the yellow devil weakness Mega Man 11?

Chain Blast
The Yellow Devil MK-III is weak to Chain Blast. Due to the time the default Chain Blast takes to detonate, it is recommended to only use it with the Power Gear when attacking the Devil in its full form.

How do you use the charge kick in Mega Man 5?

To activate this power, Mega Man must slide while the weapon is active, causing damage with his slide and being immune to some attacks and traps while using it, such as the steam vents in Wave Man’s stage (but not Wave Man’s own waterspout).

What is tundra man’s weakness?

Weakness: Scramble thunder Tundra Man’s arena is encased in ice, which causes Mega Man to slip while running on the ground.