Who really won Canelo vs Mayweather?

Mayweather would retire with a 50-0, but he wasn’t there yet when he faced the Mexican. The Canelo victory took him to 45-0 where he prevailed by majority decision 114-114, 116-112, 117-111.

Who did Alvarez lost to?

Dmitry Bivol
Dmitry Bivol has officially entered the pound-for-pound conversation. Bivol scored a big upset on Saturday in Las Vegas, defeating former No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter Canelo Alvarez.

What do you think about Floyd Mayweather vs Castillo?

Mayweather dominates the opening minute with speed, Castillo landing nothing of note. Floyd moves all over the ring fluidly, taking Castillo on a tour of their work space for the night. Floyd sneaks in a few shots in the second minute, nothing notable, but Castillo does very little and almost refuses to be the aggressor.

Did Floyd Mayweather really lose his toughest fight?

When Mayweather goes on and on about his flawless pro record, a lot of detractors point to this very fight as a gift from the judges. To this day, Floyd haters and Floyd admirers alike call this his toughest fight ever, and to most people, it’s the only one you can even argue that he just might have lost.

How did Floyd beat Castillo in the first round?

First two minutes of the round are Floyd getting it closer to where he wants it, ripping some good counters and making Castillo miss upstairs, though JLC is landing some body shots. Castillo with big shots near the end of the round, and he steals this round.

Can Marquez lean on Mayweather like Castillo did?

Can Marquez lean on Mayweather and attack his body like Castillo did? No. Not a chance in hell that’ll work for him. Marquez won’t be nine pounds bigger than Floyd, as Castillo was in this fight. This fight had Mayweather going 130 to 135, and tomorrow night, Marquez will go from 135 up to 144.