Who owns iPEC Coaching?

Eureka Growth Capital Management
iPEC Coaching was bought out by Eureka Growth Capital Management on Nov 19, 2020 .

Who founded iPEC?

Bruce D Schneider
Bruce D Schneider is iPEC’s founder and the author of the books Relax, You’re Already Perfect, Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams: An Enlightening Story and the blockbuster book, Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your life from the Core.

When was iPEC founded?

The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) formed in 2009 to promote efforts that would advance interprofessional learning.

Is iPEC ICF certified?

As one of the largest ICF-accredited coach training schools in the world, iPEC has a proven track record of success—helping over 15,000 graduates launch careers as Certified Professional Coaches.

What does iPEC Coaching stand for?

the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
iPEC stands for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Is iPEC worth the money?

iPEC offers the most comprehensive, transformational coaching program available! I researched many programs and it was the best fit for me. It doesn’t just teach you how to coach, but to BE a coach. The trainers are all amazing, the staff and the fellow coaches are the best.

How many ICF certified coaches are there in India?

There are currently 33,287* coaches in 136 countries and territories who hold one of three ICF Credentials. *This number is subject to frequent change.

Is coaching the new pyramid scheme?

The hard part about life coaching as a business is getting clients. However, marketing is a skill you can learn given enough time. Life coaching is legit. It’s not a pyramid scheme and you can build a sustainable business without having to coach other coaches.

How can I become ICF coach in India?

To become an ICF PCC you need the following:

  1. Attend an ICF approved coach training program (ICF ACSTH – 125 hours or ICF ACTP 125 hours) with an institute (ICF coach training provider ~ program approved by ICF)
  2. Complete a minimum of 500+ hours of coaching log,10 hours of mentor coaching with an ICF mentor coach.

How many MCC coaches are there?

There are currently 30,802* coaches in 130 countries and territories who hold one of three ICF Credentials.

Who is the number 1 life coach in the world?

Tony Robbins Anthony Robbins is perhaps the most famous American author, coach, and speaker in the world today. His seminars have impacted over 50 million people from 80 countries and have been turned into a Netflix documentary film called I Am Not Your Guru.