Who originally sang Cool Jerk?

The Capitols
Cool Jerk

“Cool Jerk”
Songwriter(s) Donald Storball
Producer(s) Ollie McLaughlin
The Capitols singles chronology
“Dog and Cat” (1963) “Cool Jerk” (1966) “Zig Zaggin” (1966)

Who wrote Cool Jerk?

Donald StorballCool Jerk / Composer

When did the song Cool Jerk come out?

1966Cool Jerk / Released

When did the jerk dance come out?

Released as a single in 1964 on the Money record label, “The Jerk” was a hit for the Los Angeles band the Larks.

Who played bass on Cool Jerk?

Eddie Willis played guitar, Johnny Griffith on piano, and Bob Babbitt bass on the recording. “Cool Jerk” became the biggest hit on Karen Records when it reached the Top Ten on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard R&B chart in the summer of 1966.

Who started The Jerk?

Jerkin’ or Jerk is a street dance originating from and popularized by the Inland Empire-based groups New Boyz and Audio Push, and has origins in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles. Since 2009, jerkin’ gained fans along the West Coast and, as of 2009, was gaining popularity in the East Coast.

Who played bass on Midnight Train Georgia?

He is ranked number 59 on Bass Player magazine’s list of “The 100 Greatest Bass Players of All Time”….

Bob Babbitt
Genres R&B, pop, Funk
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Bass
Years active 1961–2012

Who played bass for the spinners?

DETROIT (AP) — Pervis Jackson, the man behind the deep, rolling bass voice in a string of 1970s R&B hits by the Spinners, died here on Monday.

Who was Marvin Gaye bass player?

James Jamerson
James Jamerson recorded his bass lines while laying flat on his back. The story goes that Gaye knew he wanted Motown session man and key Funk Brother James Jamerson to play bass on the rhythm tracks, so he followed Jamerson down to a local Detroit blues club where the bassist was playing in the band.

Who played bass on Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered?

Bass Player: Bob Babbitt The tune ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ is a staple of every wedding band ever assembled and Bilbo admits to transcribing this after having busked the tune for decades. ‘I wonder what the actual bass line goes like’? Classic Motown groove.

Are the spinners in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The Spinners were nominated three times for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011, 2014 and 2015, but have yet to be inducted.

How many of the Funk Brothers are still alive?

While Motown recordings utilized many musicians, the film focused on 13 players, of whom five were already dead. Just four Funk Brothers are alive now. Jones is survived by his wife, June, and three children.