Who is the person inside the Barney costume?

David Joyner
After living inside the giant purple costume for 10 years, fans of all ages are finally meeting David Joyner, who played Barney both on TV and in live performances. Joyner spoke about his time as the bubbly dinosaur in an interview with Business Insider.

What is the guy who played Barney doing now?

David Joyner who spent 10-years inside the lovable Tyrannosaurus rex has now become a spiritual healer after hanging up the dino suit in 2001. THE man who played Barney the purple dinosaur is now a tantric sex therapist.

Who was in the Barney suit in 2002?

Barney Unmasked! Meet the Man Who ‘Loved’ Playing the Iconic Purple Dinosaur for a Decade. Barney may be a dinosaur from our imagination, but David Joyner is the man who brought the childhood staple to life from 1991 to 2001. Business Insider caught up with the 53-year-old actor to chat …

How much does the Barney suit weigh?

So clearly, the Barney suit requires tons of physical stamina to operate. “The costume is really heavy. It’s about 70 pounds. It can get over 120 degrees inside.

What did the guy in the Barney suit do?

The man who wore the Barney costume, David Joyner, has the tantric sex business. He does, however, feel that he was engaging in tantric practices while wearing the giant purple costume. That’s not even the strangest thing about this story. Joyner began playing Barney in 1991 and continued to do so until 2001.

Is the person who played Barney still alive?

He is best known for physically portraying Barney (with Bob West and then Duncan Brannan and Tim Dever voicing the character) from 1991 to 2001 on the children’s television series Barney & Friends and its predecessor Barney and the Backyard Gang (in the last two videos)….David Joyner (actor)

David Joyner
Years active 1991–present