Who is Number 1 rapper in the world?

1. Eminem. Eminem is the best-selling rapper in history. With over 200 million records sold, he is also the 6th best-selling solo music artist of all time.

Who has sold the most hip-hop albums of all time?

Who is the highest selling rap group of all time?

Beastie Boys
Since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991, Beastie Boys have sold 20 million albums — making them the biggest-selling rap group in that span of time.

What are the best rap lyrics of all time?

100 greatest rap verses of all time. “Shorty, I’m there for you anytime you need me/For real girl, it’s me in your world, believe me/Nothin’ make a man feel better than a woman/Queen with a crown

What are the top 10 Rap Songs of all time?

Lose Yourself by Eminem. This is probably Eminem’s greatest song of all time.

  • Gangsta Paradise by Coolio. This song was No.
  • Not Afraid by Eminem.
  • Dead and Gone by T.I.
  • Fight for Your Right (to Party) by Beastie Boys.
  • Bust a Move by Young MC.
  • Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.
  • Sabotage by Beastie Boys.
  • Love the Way You Lie by Eminem Feat.
  • Live Your Life by T.I.
  • What are considered some of the Best Rap Songs Ever?


  • 2Pac
  • Tech N9ne
  • Dr Dre
  • Jay-Z
  • Twista
  • Kanye West
  • Notorious B.I. G
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Busta Rhymes
  • What are the most bleak Rap Songs of all time?

    Coolio peforms on stage during the I Love the 90s concert at the SSE Arena on September 29,2017 in London,England.

  • The story goes that Method Man approached this collaboration with some hesitation.
  • Wu-Tang Clan.
  • The perfect soundtrack to teenage rebellion.
  • Kane in his prime was an unparalleled brute force.