Who is Nicolas Berggruen?

In 2014, through the Institute, Berggruen launched Noema Magazine, formerly the WorldPost, a digital and print publication dedicated to exploring global issues. Nicolas Berggruen was born in Paris, France. He is the son of art collector and dealer Heinz Berggruen and actress Bettina Moissi.

What is Berggruen Gallery?

Berggruen Gallery was established in 1970 and has been a member of the Art Dealers Association of America since 1975. The gallery specializes in the exhibition and sale of contemporary art and 20th-century American and European paintings, drawings, sculpture, and limited edition prints.

Who is Berggruen Holdings?

Berggruen Holdings predominately operates as a long-term investor/owner for their portfolio companies. In the mid-1980s, Berggruen began purchasing distressed real estate across New York City and has since made over 100 direct control and real estate investments globally.

What is the Berggruen Institute?

In 2010, Nicolas founded the Berggruen Institute, an independent think tank aiming to reshape political and social institutions on governance, economic systems, globalization, geopolitics, and technology.

How did Berggruen become the ‘homeless billionaire?

Berggruen allows that his decision in the mid-2000s to sell his properties in New York and Miami and to become the so-called “homeless billionaire” was perhaps rooted in the discontent he felt professionally.

What is Nicolas Berggruen’s first language?

Although born in France, Berggruen’s first language is German; He is also fluent in English and French. Nicolas and his younger brother Olivier attended elementary school at the École alsacienne in Paris. Growing up in Paris in the 1970s, Berggruen spent his time reading.

Who is David Berggruen’s brother?

Berggruen was honored by his alma mater, NYU Stern, at the 2016 Haskins Giving Society Award Dinner for his commitment to business and public service. In 2018, he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Berggruen has a younger brother, Olivier, as well as two older half-siblings: John Berggruen, a gallery owner, and Helen Berggruen, an artist.