Who is Effie in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

Lucy Hale
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008) – Lucy Hale as Effie – IMDb.

How many sisters did Effie?

Effie Kaligaris
Ethnicity Greek-American
Family Lena Kaligaris (sister) Ari Kaligaris (mother) George Kaligaris (father) Valia Kaligaris (paternal grandmother) Bapi Kaligaris (paternal grandfather) Unnamed Paternal Aunt Unnamed Maternal Grandmother Unnamed Maternal Aunt Kostas Dounas (possible brother-in-law)

How old is Effie Sisterhood Traveling Pants?

Fourteen-year-old Effie is Lena’s little sister, and she is everything Lena isn’t – outgoing, unique, and flirtatious with guys.

Who does Tibby end up with?

Brian and Tibby move to Australia when she is around twenty-seven or twenty-eight with intent of returning to the US within months. They find, however, that Tibby is pregnant. Tibby’s Huntington’s Disease is discovered during prenatal testing. The couple have a child named Bailey.

Does Tibby end up with Brian?

Eventually, though, she comes to terms with her problems. Tibby ends up helping deliver Carmen’s half-brother, Ryan and becomes his godmother. After that, she finds Brian, and together, they strip off their clothes and jump into the city pool, marking their start as a couple.

Who does Lena end up with in Find Me in Paris?

So we all know what this means, Lena ends up with Henri and they end the show together in the most cheesy and disgusting way. This is very unrealistic, considering Lena cheated on Henri with Max multiple times. And she has the audacity to shun Henri harshly when Claudine (yes she’s back) kisses Henri on the cheek.

What happened between Tibby and Brian?

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood They discover that the condom broke, leading Tibby to suspect that she may be pregnant. Although she later finds out that she is not, she breaks up with Brian.

Why did Ruskin marry Effie?

Ruskin married Effie for love, having watched her blossom from a child into a young woman. It soon became apparent, however, that Effie had married him for his money, strongly encouraged into the match by her father, who was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Did Millais marry?

The marriage of Sir John Everett Millais is often talked about due to its scintillating details. The marriage itself was not scandalous, Millais and his wife Effie seem to have had a happy life together.

Does Lena become evil?

Lena Kieran Luthor appears in The CW series Supergirl, portrayed by Katie McGrath. While initially a heroic character that wanted to be a more positive leader of LuthorCorp, but due to her moral ambiguity and her disappointment over Kara hiding her identity as Supergirl, she becomes a villain in Season 5.

What episode does Lena kiss Max?

“Find Me in Paris” L.O.V.E.

Do Lena and Henri break up?

She and Lena start an argument, the latter accusing her of sabotage, while Thea accuses her of being jealous. Returning to her correspondence with Henri, Lena thinks that he might be angry, but he tells her was getting more paper, but ends up with her breaking up with him.