Who is best Ramos or pique?

If we compare according to statistics then Sergio Ramos wins easily. The player has scored 23 goals for Spain in his career which helped them in winning big titles. The contribution of Pique is also a big one but he can’t surpass Ramos in international football.

What was Puyol known for?

He was Barcelona’s captain from August 2004 until his retirement in 2014, and appeared in 593 competitive matches for the club. He won 18 major club titles, including six La Liga trophies and three Champions Leagues. Puyol won 100 caps for Spain, and was part of the squads that won Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup.

Did Ramos and Puyol play together?

Carles Puyol won a World Cup playing alongside Sergio Ramos and knows the Real Madrid captain better than most, but he wasn’t able to explain why the defender has been sent off so often during his career.

Does Pique like Ramos?

Pique also reportedly criticised Sergio Ramos over the course of the conversations, a player who also wanted to play in Tokyo. El Mundo reported that Pique had heard about Ramos’ desire to play at the Olympics, and he then asked Rubiales if he knew about it.

Is Sergio Ramos the best defender of all time?

The world of defenders is difficult compared to strikers and midfielders as their dominance is not decided by goals or assists. A lot of people believe that Sergio Ramos is the Greatest Defender Of All Time. According to France Football Magazine, 68% of people voted for Sergio Ramos to be the greatest of all time.

Why is Puyol respected?

Carles Puyol was not only a leader on the pitch, dictating the rhythm of the game, he was also a compassionate human being off the pitch. He was stern with his team while playing matches however, his understanding nature made him an overall gentleman.

Are Ronaldo and Pique friends?

However, despite the Portuguese now playing for Barca’s bitter rivals, Pique revealed he has a good relationship with Ronaldo following their time at United, revealing to Fora de Serie (via AS): Our relationship is good. At Manchester United, he was one of the three or four players I got on best with.

Why is Van Dijk better than Ramos?

Ramos has better speed and dribbling skills while it was impossible to get past Van Dijk in the whole season. Keeping all things in mind Ramos slightly edges over Van Dijk as he has been at the top for too long and has better stats than him.

Who is better captain Puyol or Ramos?

Picking up an impressive 54% (14,817 votes), Puyol was the runaway winner ahead of Ramos in second with 25% (6,828); with Hierro 13% (3,462), Koeman 4% (331), Pique 2% (574), Migueli 1% (330), Santamaria 1% (225) and Sanchis 1% (204) all trailing behind.

Why are defenders usually captains?

Having a defender as a captain automatically translates to having one of the calmest members of the team as a leader. This helps to prevent issues both on and off the pitch. According to modern rules of engagement, the captain is the only player permitted to talk to the referee.

How fast was Carles Puyol?


Attack 60
Jump 90
Aggression 74
Tenacity 95
Top Speed 81

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