Who defeated Android 18 in DBZ?

It is through her intervention that Goku is able to defeat him as she goads Super 17 to finish them both off and in doing so causes him to undergo an internal struggle that Goku exploits by attacking him while he is distracted by 18.

Who beat Videl DBZ?

Videl’s head being crushed by Spopovich Gohan watches the match is disgust and horror. The battle is very one-sided, and it seems as though Spopovich might even kill her.

Who is stronger Android 17 or 18 in DBZ?

While 17 and 18 possess infinite energy and were somewhat evenly matched in the Cell Saga, 17 is much stronger than 18 now. Also, though Dragon Ball Super confirms that Android 18 is still stronger than Krillin, the difference between her and her husband may not be as large as it was once believed.

Did Videl fight Broly?

Early morning Videl is awakened by loud explosions in the distant and takes off flying to investigate the explosions by the nearby lake. Videl is then confronted by Broly in his regular Super Saiyan form.

How strong is Videl DBZ?

Videl’s Powers and Abilities As such, she is one of the foremost human martial artists on Earth, behind only Master Roshi, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu, effectively making her the sixth strongest human.

Who is stronger Android 18 or Piccolo?

The primary being that as of now, due to having kept up his training, Piccolo is far stronger than Android 18. Also he has more potential than the Androids. They were created by Dr. Gero with the power level they have, whereas Piccolo became this strong due to his training and fusion with Kami, and Nail.

Is Piccolo stronger than Android 17 in Dragon Ball super?

Piccolo was stronger, but 17 has an “endless” supply of energy and never gets tired. So while he was/would be winning for most of the battle, those energy shots and fatigue would catch up. If the battle continued from where it was without Cell’s interruption.

Is Videl stronger than Raditz?

Raditz had a power level of 1,200, and Videl only had a power level of 238 by the end of DBZ, excluding the 10 year epilogue. So Raditz would win hands down. HOWEVER, during GT, Videl’s power level has gone up to 10,000 over the years, so she would be able to defeat him at that point.

Is Videl stronger than chichi?

If Videl faced Chi-Chi during the Dragon Ball series, she would be more powerful, but Chi-Chi would have the advantage since she would know superior fighting styles. By the end of GT, Chi-Chi is the more powerful of the two.