Who are the judges of MasterChef Junior?

MasterChef Junior
Judges Joe Bastianich Graham Elliot Gordon Ramsay Christina Tosi Aarón Sanchez Daphne Oz
No. of seasons 8
No. of episodes 93

Is Ivy on MasterChef Junior a midget?

Ivy is the first “little person” (a person with dwarfism) in MasterChef History. She is also the first little person to reach to the finale.

Who are the judges on MasterChef Junior 2022?

The eighth season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef Junior premiered on Fox on March 17, 2022. Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sanchez return as judges from the previous season, while Daphne Oz joins as a new judge.

Why is there a new judge on MasterChef Junior?

The biggest change for the show this year is the fact that pastry chef Christina Tosi will no longer be the third judge. The owner of Milk Bar landed her own show on Netflix called Bake Squad, which could be why she decided not to return to MasterChef Junior as a judge.

How old is Andrew from MasterChef Junior?

Top 19

Contestant Age Status
Andrew Zappley 11 Runner-Up February 24
Jenna Kloner 12 Eliminated February 17
Jimmy Warshawsky 12
Ayla Destiny 11 Eliminated February 10

Why isn t Christina on MasterChef jr?

Why was Graham Elliot kicked off MasterChef?

One possible explanation for Graham’s departure is that he just wanted to move on to different and newer projects.

Did Graham Elliot get sued?

A lawsuit filed against Chicago chef Graham Elliot back in March has been settled. TMZ got their hands on court documents that say Elliot coughed up a “fair” amount of money to 14 former servers at his eponymous Chicago restaurant.