Who animated the Do I Wanna Know music video?

The accompanying visual, which featured AM’s popular sound wave cover art, was directed by David Wilson (also known for his work with Tame Impala, Arcade Fire and Chromeo) and animated by Blinkink, and is undeniably one of the defining music videos of the early to mid-2010s.

Do I Wanna Know inspiration?

The music video for “Do I Wanna Know?” was directed by David Wilson in association with animation agency Blinkink and was inspired by the work of risqué cartoonist Vince Collins. Wilson explained the idea of the video: “The video’s very much from inside someone’s brain.

How many streams does Do I Wanna Know have on Spotify?

The super menacing Arctic Monkey’s single, “Do I Wanna Know?,” originally released in 2013, has surpassed a mind-boggling one TRILLION streams worldwide on Spotify, and earlier this year, on YouTube via the band’s official channel.

What genre is RU Mine?

Garage rockHard rockPsychedelic rockStoner rock
R U Mine?/Genres

Why is there no Peaky Blinders theme tune?

The director has spoken out about why the infamous song that so many Peaky Blinders fanatics love was ultimately ditched. “I just personally felt it was being overused and I think if you overuse anything it loses its power,” he told the Express in 2020.

How many monthly listeners does Arctic Monkeys have?

At the time of writing, the band have over 41 million monthly Spotify listeners, comfortably more than rock stars Foo Fighters (13.8m) and Arctic Monkeys (19.7m) combined.

How many streams do Arctic Monkeys have?

It currently stands at 555,000 sales across physical and digital formats, plus a healthy streaming tally of 40 million plays, not bad for a tune at its peak almost a decade before the streaming era.

How old is The Neighbourhood?

The Neighbourhood was formed in August 2011 by singer Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Zachary Abels and Jeremiah Freedman, bass guitarist Michael Margott and drummer Bryan “Olivver” Sammis.

Where is Alex Turner from?

Sheffield, United KingdomAlex Turner / Place of birth