Which one of the following conditions must be met for an injured employee to receive workers compensation from the employer?

The answer is: A) The injury must have occurred while the employee was on the job.

How long can you be on workers comp in NY?

The length of time you can stay out on workers’ compensation will range from 225 to 525 weeks. However, the number of weeks and amount of money you can collect from workers’ comp for your work-related injury each week will vary, depending upon your individual circumstances.

Who pays for my health insurance while on workers comp in New York?

Workers comp benefits apply to any worker who suffers a qualifying work injury. They guarantee that the worker’s health insurance (which includes medical bills, lost wages, and disability benefits) will be paid by his employer’s workers compensation insurance.

Does my employer have to pay me if I have an accident at work?

Do I get paid if I’m injured in a work accident? While you do have some rights after being injured at work, there is no obligation on any employer to pay a staff member their full standard salary if they are off work due to illness or injury – even if it was caused by an accident at work, or materials used at work.

Is an employer responsible for the negligence of an employee?

In California, an employer is vicariously liable for the negligent and wrongful acts of his employees that are committed within the scope of employment.

Can you be fired while on workers comp in NY?

According to New York State law, being fired while on Workers’ Compensation is not discrimination. This is because NY law allows employers to replace you if you’re unable to perform your work. However, you cannot be fired while on Workers’ Comp. just for filing a NY Workers’ Compensation claim.

Can employer cancel health insurance while on workers compensation NY?

During this period, the employer must maintain the same level of health benefits the worker enjoyed while employed. When the worker’s disability extends longer than his available FMLA leave, the employer may cancel his health benefits.

Can you terminate an employee while on workers comp in California?

While you do have legal rights and protections under California law from being dismissed because of injuries or disabilities related to your work injury, being on workers’ compensation does not protect you from being fired or laid off.