Which My Little Pony has a diamond cutie mark?

Rarity Belle is one of the six main ponies from Friendship is Magic. Her Element of Harmony is “generosity”….

Coat Light Grey
Magic Aura Light Pink(season one) Light Blue(Currently)
Cutie Mark Three Diamonds
Special Trait Generosity

How did Twilight Sparkle get her cutie mark?

She was caught by a flock of butterflies, and soon discovered that she loved being with the animals on the ground. After a distant explosion scared the animals, she found that she was also able to communicate and empathize with them, earning her cutie mark.

What does starlight glimmers cutie mark mean?

Starlight Glimmer is a very powerful unicorn. From her true Cutie Mark, it can be presumed her special talent is magic. Her signature spell is the ability to drain a pony’s talent by stealing their Cutie Mark, replacing it with an equal sign that inhibits their abilities.

What are some of the cutie marks from the show?

This is a list of cutie marks from the show. Cutie marks present on only one pony. Crystal heart with two golden arches, Princess Cadance Wand with crescent moon, Trixie Three hearts, Lemon Hearts and sometimes Banana Fluff Telescope, Starry Eyes, ” Star Gazer “, and ” Star Bright ”

Why can’t I see a specific Pony’s cutie mark on images?

Images may not reflect a specific pony’s cutie mark exactly, because cutie marks are sometimes mirrored or rotated, even on the same pony. These instances are not specially marked.? in Trade Ya!? in Trade Ya!??? key?? in Trade Ya! in Trade Ya! 1? in Trade Ya! flamingo?????? in Trade Ya!???? in Trade Ya! in Trade Ya! in Trade Ya!

What is the difference between unique and stock cutie marks?

This article may require copy editing for sectioning ( #Unique cutie marks includes some shared marks while #Stock cutie marks lumps together similar marks including some unique ones). You can assist by editing it. This is a list of cutie marks from the show. Cutie marks present on only one pony. Marks present on multiple background ponies.