Which country is best for instrumentation engineer?

Pretty much every country has good oil and petrochemical drills and factories which make good process plants and hence a lot of job opportunities (monetarily as well as to learn) for Instrumentation Engineers. For freshers India would suffice.

Which country is best for instrumentation jobs?

Turns out, the median salary for the highest 10% of Instrumentation Engineers in America is $127,000. California is the best state for jobs for Instrumentation Engineers, and South Carolina is the worst.

What is scope of instrumentation engineering?

Scope for Instrumentation Engineers Instrumentation engineers may design devices like dynamometers for measuring torque, blood glucose monitors, aircraft sensors, and smoke detectors. They may develop electrocardiograph equipment and computed tomography scanners or may work on security systems.

What should I do after instrumentation engineering?

Higher Studies Options after B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering

  1. Master of Engineering in Applied Instrumentation.
  2. Master of Engineering in Instrumentation Engineering.
  3. Master of Engineering in Process Control and Instrumentation.
  4. Master of Philosophy in Instrumentation Engineering.

What do Instrumentation engineers do?

The Instrumentation Engineer will design and develop new devices and enhance or redesign older devices used to control electronic or mechanical systems.

What do instrumentation engineers do?

What is the future scope of instrumentation and control engineering?

Scope for Instrumentation Engineers They also play essential role in every successful aeronautical research projects. They find employment in manufacturing firms, defense contractors, biomedical companies, government, or work for private engineering firms.

What is the scope of EIE?

Job Prospects of EIE Engineers Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers have a bright future ahead of them as they are needed by almost all Industries in various cadres like Design, Development, Automation, Control, Fabrication, Inspection, Quality control, Maintenance and Service and so on.

Where do instrumentation engineers work?

What can I do after instrumentation engineering?

Job Opportunities for Instrumentation Engineers

  1. Public/Private firms,
  2. R&D organizations,
  3. Steel plants,
  4. Cement manufacturing companies,
  5. Thermal power plants,
  6. Chemical companies and similar industries.

What is the future of electronics and instrumentation engineering?