Where should I stay when crossing the Nullarbor?

Accommodation – best overnight stops on the Nullarbor

  • Fraser Range Station.
  • Wedgetail Inn Hotel.
  • Border Village Roadhouse.
  • Nullarbor Roadhouse.
  • Ceduna Foreshore Caravan Park.

Is Nullarbor Roadhouse open?

Normal Roadhouse opening hours are from 6 AM till 7 PM seven days a week. Mundrabilla’s Roadhouse provides home cooked meals as well as the usual takeaway fast foods. Mundrabilla Bar is also attached to the Roadhouse and is open from 11AM seven days a week.

How long is the Nullarbor stretch?

At its widest point, it stretches about 1,100 kilometres (684 mi) from east to west across the border between South Australia and Western Australia.

How long is the road across the Nullarbor?

From here drive the 90 Mile Straight, which at 147 kilometres (91 miles) is one of the world’s longest stretches of straight road (don’t forget to take a photo at the iconic wildlife road sign). It ends in Caiguna, where you can drive south to the coast to check out the Caiguna Blowhole.

Is Yalata Roadhouse open?

Yalata Roadhouse is generally open from 8Am to 8 PM seven days a week.

What do you need to cross the Nullarbor?

The first step to tackling the Nullabor, you’ll want to get your car checked out before you leave. To cross, you’ll also want to make sure you’re prepped with supplies, including at least 10 litres of water per person, coolant, engine oil, a spare tyre … and that’s just the start.

How far is Nundroo from Nullarbor?

The distance from Nullarbor Roadhouse to Nundroo is 143 km which is roughly a one and a half hour drive.

How many roadhouses are on the Nullarbor?

10 outback roadhouses
There are 10 outback roadhouses dotted along a 910-kilometre stretch of the Eyre Highway — the only sealed road linking Western Australia and South Australia.

Is there mobile phone service on the Nullarbor?

The Nullarbor is mostly a dead zone when it comes to phone reception, so you should plan accordingly. Telstra gets reception across the majority of the Nullarbor, so look into getting a temporary phone plan with them.

Is there Telstra reception on the Nullarbor?

If it’s your first time crossing the country via the Nullarbor you might be surprised, as I was, to discover that there’s Telstra mobile phone coverage almost the whole way across.

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