Where does the 49-Mile Scenic Drive start?

City Hall
Today, the route starts at City Hall and takes you along many of San Francisco’s historic and iconic landmarks. We’ve called out some of the highlights from the beginning of the drive which starts at Civic Center.

What is the best scenic drive in California?

Some of the most popular scenic drives of Northern California, that tourist must not skip are:

  • Redwood Highway.
  • Mount Shasta-Cascade Loop.
  • Northern Pacific Coast.
  • Lake Tahoe.
  • Silverado Trail.
  • Yosemite Valley and Tioga Road.
  • Trinity Scenic Byway.
  • Feather River Scenic Byway.

How do you drive a 49-mile scenic drive?

Or enter 3526 Baker St which is just across the street.

  1. Follow Bay St west to Laguna.
  2. Turn right onto Laguna St.
  3. Turn left onto Marina Blvd.
  4. Ignore the 49-Mile Drive signs that direct you to turn left onto Scott.
  5. Turn left onto Baker St instead.
  6. Park on the street and take a stroll around the lake.

How long is a 49-mile drive?

48.8 mi49-Mile Scenic Drive / Length

What is the Big Sur drive?

Big Sur is a coastal drive along Highway 1 in California. Along this scenic drive, you will pass famous view points and state parks such as Point Lobos State Park, Bixby Bridge, Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, Hearst Castle and more!

How long does it take to drive all the way through California?

Hugging the coast California’s north-south state highway takes in the Pacific coastline. Running 745 miles, this is an easy and relaxing route that takes in California’s redwoods and astonishing sea vistas. Driving is easily accomplished over three days but be prepared for potential gridlock around major cities.

How long is the scenic drive from San Francisco to LA?

The San Francisco to Los Angeles drive is 6 h 16 mins (383.1 mi) via I-5 S – the most direct route. If you want to drive from SF to LA the scenic route, as described here, then you’re looking at around 9 h 19 mins (454 miles) via Highway 1.

How long is the scenic drive from LA to San Francisco?

The road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco can cover between 380 and 460 miles depending on the route you choose. The quickest route will get you there in just over 6 hours, whereas the more scenic one should take about 10 hours with a few short breaks.

How long is the drive thru Big Sur?

The drive through Big Sur is a 90-mile stretch along California’s Pacific Coast that will take you on a beautiful coastal adventure.