Where can I watch the 25th Anniversary concert Les Misérables?

You can buy “Les Misérables – 25th Anniversary in Concert” on Microsoft Store, Apple iTunes, YouTube as download or rent it on Microsoft Store, YouTube, Apple iTunes online.

Is Les Misérables 25th anniversary on Netflix?

Watch Les Misérables 25th Anniversary | Netflix.

Where can I watch Les Miserables 10th anniversary?

Les Miserables: 10th Anniversary Concert is available on DVD (as an Amazon affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases made through this link). The 25th Anniversary Event and 2019 Staged Concert are also available on DVD and to stream.

When did Les Mis open in London?

8 October 1985
The opening night of Les Misérables at the Barbican Theatre on 8 October 1985 was one of those extraordinary occasions when against all the odds a theatrical alchemy took place that made everyone forget the years of work and months of rehearsal – racing against the clock – that went into adapting Hugo’s sweeping …

When was the 10th anniversary of Les Mis?

About Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert (1995)

When did Les Miserables 25th anniversary come out?

Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary (2010) – IMDb. FULL CAST AND CREW | TRIVIA | USER REVIEWS | IMDbPro | MORE. LESS.

Is there a Silver Anniversary presentation of Les Mis?

Don’t fear to own this, so when it arrives, sit back, relax, and enjoy this extra-special presentation of “Les Mis” in this Silver Anniversary presentation! You will love it! This is a great concert made up of some of the best actors who played the rolls.

Where was Les Misérables in concert filmed?

Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary was performed and filmed at The O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London, England on 3 October 2010 at 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm. It marked the 25th anniversary of the original West End production of Les Misérables, which was based on Victor Hugo ‘s 1862 novel, and has been running since October 1985.

Is Les Miserables The most successful show ever?

Magnificent effort, pure success, for a production such as this in a venue like the O2! Les Miserables is Surely the single most successful Show of all time. There can be absolutely no doubt about this.