Where can I find burbot in winter?

As you know, burbot are one of the very few fish that spawn under the ice in the winter. The fish will be using shallow main-lake rock and gravel flats, in close association with deep-water foraging areas. On a lake map, I look for the biggest main lake feeding flats that jut out into the deepest part of the lake.

How do you catch the burbot at the Flaming Gorge?

Burbot can be caught at any depth, but fishing near the bottom in 10 to 50 feet tends to be the most productive. If you are fishing with multiple lines, spread them across a range of depths to start. Remember, on Flaming Gorge you can fish up to six rods or tip-ups per angler through the ice, so take advantage of it!

How do you fish for burbot in the winter?

He typically starts at dusk by fishing the deeper side of a shoal in 60 to 70 feet, then slowly moves shallower until he’s on top of the shoal. On most lakes, Roy says burbot anglers use catfish bait, such as chicken liver, dead minnows or sliced-up herring, on heavy spoons (or glow-in-the-dark spoons at night).

Can you catch burbot during the day?

During the spawning period burbot gather together in large groups in depths ranging from 15-30 feet depending on the lake. This is when anglers can expect to encounter burbot during the day and the best bite is often mid day to mid afternoon.

How big can a burbot get?

How Long Do They Live? Burbot get as large as 800 mm (32 in) in Minnesota, but typically they are less than 700 mm (28 in) and weigh 2.7- 3.6 kg (6- 8 lbs). The Minnesota state record for this fish is a little less than 9-kg (19 lbs 3 oz).

What does burbot taste like?

Taste and Nutrition Burbot is similar to cod and haddock, which isn’t surprising since it is a member of the freshwater cod family. It’s firm, white meat is excellent as Poor Man’s Lobster or fried.

How big is the world record burbot?

25 lb 2 oz
The International Game Fish Association records the world-record burbot as being caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. That fish was caught by Sean Konrad on March 27, 2010. Konrad’s world record burbot weighed a whopping 25 lb 2 oz (11.4 kg). Fish records are typically measures in pounds.

Do burbot have teeth?

The body is elongated and laterally compressed, with a flattened head and single, tube-like projection for each nostril. The mouth is wide, with both upper and lower jaws having many small teeth. Burbot have two soft dorsal fins, with the first being low and short, and the second being much longer.

What do burbot taste like?