Where are the forest fires in Indonesia?

JAKARTA — Indonesia’s land and forest fires burned a greater area this year than in 2020, with most of the fires occurring in West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara, two provinces that were until recently not major sites of burning.

Why are there forest fires in Sumatra?

The minister stated publicly that the fires are due to competing claims over ‘unproductive’ forest areas. There are some 17 million ha of forest land in Indonesia which has been over-logged or zoned for conversion, according to officials.

Where were the forest fires in 2020?

In 2020, the Western United States experienced a series of major wildfires. Severe August thunderstorms ignited numerous wildfires across California, Oregon, and Washington, followed in early September by additional ignitions across the West Coast.

Which direction is the bootleg fire moving?

This extreme fire behavior resulted in approximately 4 miles of fire growth both to the east and north. The fire moved through Sycan Estates, crossed the East-West road, and burned about 8 additional miles along the high voltage powerline corridor (for a total of 12 miles).

Why are forests in Indonesia burning?

Large areas of forest in Indonesia have been cleared by large multinational pulp companies, such as Asia Pulp and Paper, and replaced by plantations. Forests are often burned by farmers and plantation owners. Another major source of deforestation is the logging industry, driven by demand from China and Japan.

Is Indonesia burning again?

Indonesia’s annual fire season has started again, with hotspots detected in 10 provinces. Some of the fires have been detected in protected areas with large swaths of peatland.

What causes Indonesian forest fires?

One of the most talked-about causes of these forest and land fires is climate change. The El Nino weather phenomenon, for example, occurs once every three to eight years, producing severe drought due to a lack of precipitation. The worst forest fires in recent history occurred in 1997 and 2015, both El Nino years.

Is Sumatra polluted?

The Jakarta Post reported that heavy smoke from the fires in Sumatra has caused levels of air pollution to spike throughout the island and in parts of Malaysia.

Where is the Bootleg Fire located?

BeattyBootleg Fire / LocationBeatty is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Klamath County, Oregon, United States. Beatty is along Oregon Route 140 at the confluence of the Sycan and Sprague rivers and is 40 miles by highway northeast of Klamath Falls. Wikipedia

How close is the Bootleg Fire to Portland Oregon?

300 miles
The 476-square-mile (1,210-square-kilometer) Bootleg Fire is burning 300 miles (483 kilometers) southeast of Portland in and around the Fremont-Winema National Forest, a vast expanse of old-growth forest, lakes and wildlife refuges.

Why are trees cut down in Indonesia?

Despite government regulations, Indonesia’s forests are still being cleared for palm oil, pulp wood, logging and mining. Palm oil continues to be one of the leading drivers of deforestation and Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil.

Why do humans burn forests?

But Thompson proposes that the population deliberately burned the forests, as some hunter-gatherers do today. Cleared forest areas allow a patchwork of new grasses and shrubs to emerge, enabling a mosaic habitat with a variety of food sources that attract different animal species—and hence new prey for humans.

What was the biggest wildfire in history?

Peshtigo Fire The Peshtigo Fire of 1871 was the deadliest wildfire in recorded human history. The fire occurred on October 8, 1871, on a day when the entirety of the Great Lake region of the United States was affected by a huge conflagration that spread throughout the U.S. states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.

What town is Bootleg Fire near?

The Bootleg Fire started on July 6th. The fire is on the Fremont-Winema National Forest, approximately 15 miles northwest of the town of Beatty, Oregon.

How far from Portland are the fires?

The Riverside Fire, with a northern perimeter about 30 miles from Portland, forced the evacuation of several communities and has destroyed dozens of residences. To the south, the Beachie Creek and Lionshead Fires are both roughly 200,000 acres.

What cities is Bootleg Fire near?

The fire is 6 miles north of Beatty, 28 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, and 21 miles east of Chiloquin. Thursday’s fire behavior, described as extreme, led to additional evacuation orders. Areas under a Leave Immediately status at 6:30 p.m. Thursday included “Near the town of Sprague River.