Where are the Cucoos?

All of the Cuccos can be found in Kakariko Village, with three of them remaining in the pen where they belong. One has flown up onto the hill and is loitering near Ta’loh Naeg Shrine, just above Cado’s home.

What are the names of the chickens from Zelda?

Legendary among them are the cucco, the chickens of the Legend of Zelda universe. If you’ve met Impa’s guard Cado in Kakariko Village, you probably received the Flown the Coop side quest.

How do you complete playtime with Cottla?

If Link chooses to play tag, both he and Cottla will spawn in different parts of the village, and he must chase her down and speak to her in order to complete the minigame. The successful completion of either of the two minigames will earn Link a piece of Rock Salt, or, on occasion, Amber.

How do you pronounce Cucco Zelda?

Coo (Cu), Coo (cco) = Cucco. Although there’s one O, it’s better to say Kuh-Koh.

Where is Cottla hiding second time?

After Link chooses a game, the Side Quest will begin. When Link offers to play hide-and-seek, Cottla will offer to hide. However, she reminds Link that she needs to return to her sister, Koko, when it is time for dinner. Once she hides, Cottla can be found behind Impa’s House.

Where does the girl hide in Botw?

Select “Wanna Play?” and offer to play “Hide-and-seek”. She’ll tell you she’s going to hide. As soon as you gain back control of Link, run up the stairs to Impa’s home, run around the porch and you will find Cottla hiding there.

What happens if you hit a Cucco in Twilight Princess?

Twilight Princess When attacked repeatedly, the Cuccos no longer call in the revenge squad. Instead, attacking them allows Link to control the Cucco for ten seconds, similar to how Seagulls could be controlled with Hyoi Pears in The Wind Waker.

What is Lasli doing at night?

Even in the Rain, Lasli will wait outside and call out to potential customers. At night, during “The Stolen Heirloom” Shrine Quest, she will sneak off to the small graveyard and quietly mourn the love of her life who was attacked by a monster. Apparently not even Claree knows of her visits.

Where is Cottla playtime with Cottla?

Kakariko Village

Playtime with Cottla
Quest Giver Cottla
Location Kakariko Village
Reward Rock Salt

How do I get an orb from IMPA?

To do so, visit Impa’s House again, and you’ll find the Orb missing and the family distraught. Talk to the two guards outside, Cudo and Dorian, and then wait by the nearby campfire until night, or some time after 10pm.

How do I get the ball next to IMPA?

Climb up from the chicken coop in the village, follow the path uphill past Ta’loh Naeg Shrine, and take the right hand fork to get there. The marking on the ground is actually a socket, normally of the kind found inside a shrine that would be used for placing a ball.

Are there cuckoos in Wind Waker?

In all three Zelda games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, the squad also makes an appearance, protecting their injured brethren from further harm from Link. While Cuccos are missing in The Wind Waker, Pigs also attack Link when provoked.

What happens when you hit a chicken in Zelda?

Many Zelda games feature the “angry cucco” secret – where if you make Link attack a chicken (in the Zelda universe they’re named cuccos) then eventually a whole flock of its friends will fly down and rapidly peck Link to death.

How can I get laid with Paya?

Paya lives in Impa’s house, so head inside and talk to her for a while. Eventually you’ll put her to bed, at which point you’ll want to wait by the fire until night falls.

Do Paya and Link get together?

Eventually, Paya and Impa talk about her feelings and she realizes that she is in fact in love with Link. Although she realizes it is likely to remain unrequited, Paya is happy just to know what it feels like to be in love and is grateful to Link for giving her this new emotion.

Is Link in love with Paya?