When did the Bulova Accutron come out?

October 10, 1960
1960 – 1977: commercial success before quartz watches The revolutionary Accutron was officially introduced on October 10, 1960 by Bulova’s president, General Omar N. Bradley, ex-chief of staff of General Eisenhower.

Are Accutrons good watches?

It resulted in an electronic watch with a guaranteed accuracy of 2 seconds per day or 1 minute a month — the Accutron. The Bulova Accutron heralded great accuracy by utilizing a tuning fork in between two transistors that beats at 360 times per second.

Is the Accutron watch still made?

Today, Accutron (which despite its past association with Bulova, is being launched as an independent brand by the Citizen Group) has debuted two new models – the Spaceview 2020, and the Spaceview DNA.

Who makes Accutrons?


Type Subsidiary
Brands Accu•Swiss, Accutron, Bulova, Caravelle, Wittnauer
Revenue US$164 million (2013)
Parent Citizen Watch
Website bulova.com

How much are Accutrons?

They start at $3,000 for the Spaceview DNA in black and gold, and top out at $4,000 for the limited edition. These are fairly large watches – the Spaceview 2020 watches are 43.50mm in diameter, and the DNA watches, 45.10mm; case thickness is 15.40mm.

How accurate is an Accutron?

The Accutron’s movement was claimed to be accurate to around one minute per month, or two seconds per day — leaving mechanical movements in the dust.

Is Bulova watch Swiss made?

While many of the most iconic watchmakers hail from Switzerland, Bulova is American-made, rising thanks to the pioneering vision of Joseph Bulova. In 1875, he started the brand that bears his name.

Is Bulova considered a luxury watch?

Since Bulova isn’t really in competition with notable luxury watch brands like Grand Seiko, Rolex, or Omega, Bulova is considered to be an entry-level luxury brand, or a high-end watch brand. Their price range is too affordable to be called a luxury brand, as luxury watches typically retail for $2,000 and above.

What is the Bulova Spaceview?

When the Accutron was first released, the Spaceview was simply a marketing display design to give customers a glimpse into the working concept of a tuning fork movement. But it garnered so much interest that Bulova quickly decided to turn that design into a production piece, and named it the Spaceview.

How long has Bulova been around?

In this feature from our archives, we explore important watch milestones from Bulova over its 140-plus-year history.

Is the Bulova chronograph C the most collectible Bulova Watch?

Nicknamed the “Stars and Stripes” by collectors for its combination of red, white, and blue elements, and introduced to the market in 1970, the Bulova Chronograph “C” is among the most collectible of Bulova watches, as it was discontinued just about a year after its debut. Design-wise, the watch stands out for several reasons-its 43-mm steel c…

When did Bulova astronaut Mark II come out?

This watch was developed for NASA’s spatial program and followed up by the Astronaut Mark II model. Bulova stopped production in 1977 but brought back the Accutron Astronaut in 2007 for a limited edition run of 1,000 pieces with an ETA mechanical movement.