What was discovered in outer space in 2012?

Astronomers using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovered three tiny planets 120 light-years away from Earth. Circling the star KOI-961, the smallest of the three planets is about the size of Mars, and all are smaller than Earth. Even the star itself is tiny — just 70 percent larger than Jupiter.

When was Planet X discovered?

It wasn’t until 1781 that renowned astronomer, Sir Willian Herschel, discovered the existence of an icy blue planet — originally believed to be a star, then a comet — orbiting the Sun from a distance that is roughly 18 times greater than that of Earth.

How dense is Kepler 22b?

Table 1.

Parameter Value
Density, g cm−3 1.458 ± 0.030
Mass, M☉ 0.970 ± 0.060
Radius, R☉ 0.979 ± 0.020
Luminosity, L☉ 0.79 ± 0.04

Is there sugar in space?

The sugar molecules, known as glycolaldehyde, have previously been detected in interstellar space, but according to the researchers, this is the first time they have been spotted so close to a sun-like star. In fact, the molecules are about the same distance away from the star as the planet Uranus is from our sun.

Who Found universe?

Edwin Hubble
Scientific career
Fields Astronomy
Institutions University of Chicago Mount Wilson Observatory Carnegie Institution for Science University of Cambridge
Influenced Allan Sandage

Is there RNA in space?

New research suggests that the sugar ribose – the “R” in RNA – is probably found in comets and asteroids that zip through the solar system and may be more abundant throughout the universe than was previously thought.

Is there sugar on the sun?

Sugar molecules have been found in the gas surrounding a young sun-like star, suggesting that some of the building blocks of life may actually be present even as alien planets are still forming in the system.