What two breeds make up a Rottweiler?

UNIQUE ORIGIN: Rottweilers descended from the Molossus, a mastiff-type dog and probably from the Italian Mastiff. Their ancestors accompanied the Romans over the Alps by herding their cattle and protecting them from harm.

How many Rottweiler bloodlines are there?

There are three main types of Rottweilers because three main countries breed these dogs.

Is there a Russian Rottweiler?

The German, Serbian, Russian and the American Rottweiler are all Rottweilers first before the feature differences. It is very important for us to note that there is only one Rottweiler breed but we desire to produce “the correct Rottweiler”.

What is a Yugoslavian Rottweiler?

Talking about the Serbian rottweiler is talking about the quintessential watchdog. It is the best valued dog for tasks of surveillance, custody and protection of people and homes. It is certainly a territorial type dog breed that does not tolerate the close presence of other dogs too much.

How can I tell if my Rottweiler puppy is purebred?

A purebred Rottweiler will have a black coat with brown markings that can range slightly in color. The AKC specifies the range as rust to mahogany. There should be no marbling or roaning of the black coat and the brown markings; the distinction should be very clear.

How can you tell if a Rottweiler is full blooded?

Unless a Rottweiler is clearly mixed with a different breed, it is difficult to tell if they are purebred or not. Some of the most obvious signs will be a poorly muscled physique, blue, green, or bi-color eyes, and a coat that is not black with rust markings.

How do I know if my Rottweiler is full blooded?

What is the best bloodline for a Rottweiler?

He is world famous for producing some of the best bloodlines today throughout the world. Orlando was known as having a excellent temperament, great structure, and beautiful markings. Orlandos line produces very pronounced marking with rich red/mahagony in color. The Rottweiler standard is to have clear markings.

Why von ous Rottweilers?

Our striking pedigree of rottweilers are beautiful in appearance, intelligent, and highly trainable. Powerful in stance and lovable in nature, we provide the best companion, or top-line breed for breeders worldwide. At Von Ous Rottweilers, we guarantee a clean bill of health for any rottweiler puppy purchased.

What are the foundation Rottweiler breeds?

Foundation Rottweilers in our lines are Balou Vom Silberblick , Rick Von Burgthann, Lacky von der Sudpfalz. All of our breedings have Rick, Lacky, and Balou as a baseline.

Are Rottweilers easy to train?

Von Ous Rottweilers offer customers efficient training techniques for responsiveness in obedience training, or protectiveness training. Rottweilers are considered a highly intelligent breed, and with the right early training, they can prove astoundingly effective companions over time.