What songs does cyTus have?


No. Song Hard
1-2 Ververg II 9
1-1 Light up my LOVE 7
6-2 Selfish Gene 6
8-7 Scherzo 7

What songs does Cytus 2 have?

Cytus II-Paff (Original Soundtrack)

  • Body TalkM2U.
  • SurviveKevin Penkin, Nikki Simmons.
  • Bullet Waiting for Me (James Landino Remix)Nikki Simmons.
  • Kanatamikito.
  • Fight Another Day (Andy Tunstall Remix)Kat Penkin.
  • Baptism of Fire (CliqTrack Remix)Louise Penman.
  • Fireflies (Funk Fiction Remix)Nikki Simmons.
  • GravityM2U.

How many songs is cyTus?

210 songs
Cytus includes 210 songs available for play in the game, spanning a variety of genres, including pop music, trance music, and drum and bass.

How do you unlock songs in Cytus?

How to unlock chapters & songs: You unlock chapters by earning a total of 5 Million points. Earning points is easy in this game, just play around 5-8 songs for each chapter. Chapters Knight & L have songs to be unlocked by playing all of the songs in those chapters.

Is there freedom DiVE in Cytus 2?

Also, it appears in the music game maimai, and finally in Cytus II. This song first appeared in BMS for the MAXBEAT Be-music Source contest, although it uses a different version of the song.

How do you unlock the glitch in Cytus?

CAPSO! is a mechanic used for unlocking exclusive in-game content, including galleries, hit sounds (TapFX), character skins, custom songs, and bonus XP in Cytus II. It is the primary way to unlock Glitch difficulties of normal songs. It is earned by completing songs, which provides letters to the word CAPSO.

How many free songs does Cytus have?

It also launches a new character, Vanessa, and over 13 free songs.