What season does Lady Finger grow?

Lady finger is an important vegetable crop of India. It is grown in kharif (June-August) and Zaid (January-March) season. It is grown in tropical and sub-tropical region.

Where are lady finger grown in India?

It is cultivated in 0.35 M ha area with the production of 3.5 M mt and productivity of 9.6 mt/ha. The major Lady Finger/Okra producing states in India are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

How long does it take for Lady Finger to grow?

Lady’s finger plant grows well in full sun and thrives well in a temperature range of 25 to 35 degrees. Seeds take 5 to 6 days to germinate, vegetable takes 55 to 65 days to mature. Lady’s finger vegetables are a rich source of carbohydrates, Dietary fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

What fertilizer is best for okra?

Okra should be mowed or pruned to 6 to 12 inches above the soil line. Once the plants are cut, gardeners will want to fertilize with a fertilizer that has a 1:2 ratio of nitrogen to potassium, which will encourage new growth and stimulate flower production.

When can I plant okra in India?

In rainy season, it is sown during June-July and for spring season it is cultivated in February – March. Row to row spacing should be 45 cm is recommended and plant to plant distance is 15-20 cm.. Plant seed at depth of 1-2 cm. For sowing dibbling method is used.

How do I farm lady’s finger?

It is sown on flat soil or on ridges. Sowing should be done on ridges if the soil is heavy. Neem cake and poultry manures helps in improving the growth of plant and the yield in this crop. By using neem cake and poultry manures or other compost it is possible to reduce the use of fertilizer.

Which month is best in planting okra?

Planting. For the best yields, plant okra in the spring 2 to 3 weeks after all danger of frost has passed. For a good fall crop, plant at least 3 months before the first fall frost.

How many times can you harvest okra?

Harvesting okra can be tricky, however, because you have to harvest the pods before they become tough. It takes only about four days from the time of flowering to the time to pick okra. Harvest okra every other day to keep them producing as long as possible.

How do ladyfingers grow in winter?

Sunlight: ladyfinger plants require full sunlight. Therefore your raised bed should be made at a bright sunny spot. Keep the container under open sunlight. Watering: Water your potted Okra plant every day in summer & every alternate day in winter.

How many harvest a lady finger?

The yield of Ladies Finger crop: The yield of Bhendi /Okra/Ladies Finger varies from 5 – 7 ton/ha in summer to 8 – 10 tonnes/ha in the rainy season.

How many times okra can be harvested?

Harvesting and Yield As all the fruits do not mature at the same time, harvesting is carried out once in 3-4 days. Frequent picking promotes fruit development and prevents the pods from growing too large.

Which fertilizer is best for okra?

Compost tea is the best fertilizer for Okra plants. When using in the garden, apply once every two weeks after transplant.

How can I make okra grow faster?

Okra seed can be difficult to germinate, so soak the seed overnight to encourage germination, which takes place after a week or more. You can can plant seed sooner in the season and encourage faster germination by covering rows with black plastic. This also encourages faster early growth.