What is Yang Qiao Mai?

“The Yang Qiao Mai is an offshoot of the Bladder channel. It starts inside. the heel, it goes up to the external malleolus to BL-62 Shenmai and then to BL-61 Pushe. It then rises 3 cun to BL-59 Fuyang which is its Accumulation point.

What is Du Mai?

The Du Mai is also called the “Sea of Yang,” and stores, nourishes and moves the yang energy within the body, and influences all of the yang meridians. It particularly strengthens the yang of the kidneys, which is the root of all yang within the body. Yang is the hot, fiery, expansive, active parts of our physiology.

What is the belt meridian?

The Belt Meridian (sometimes known as the Girdle Vessel) is the only meridian in the body that is horizontal instead of vertical. It starts at the level of the third lumbar vertebrae, then circles around the front of the body dipping between the pubic bone and the navel.

What is Du and Ren?

In Chinese Medicine, the Ren (Conception Vessel) and Du (Governing Vessel) are paired. They are a part of the “eight extraordinary vessels”. Generally, the Ren is thought to ascend the front of the body, and the Du runs along the back of the body.

What are the Yin organs?

Five major Yin organs are Heart, Lung, Spleen, Liver, and Kidney.

What is the yang energy?

Yang energy can be described as fast-moving, loud, active, and brightly lit. Yang is represented by angles and straight lines. The sun is considered very yang. Other descriptive qualities include visible and energetic. A good example of a space that’s very yang is a trading floor on Wall Street.

What is yin-yang healing?

The Yin Yang teaches us how to correct our imbalances by modeling the healing process itself. The Yin Yang is whole yet its nature is to flow and change with time as each opposite contains part of the other. This process shifts the whole and brings it into ever more expanded states of experiencing itself.

Where is lung 1 point?

Lung 1 (LU 1) is lateral and superior to the sternum at the lateral side of the first intercostal space, 6 cun lateral to the Ren Channel.

Where is Ren 17?

To locate Ren 17: On the midline of the sternum, in a depression level with the junction of the 4th intercostal space and the sternum – start under the clavicle and count down the spaces between each rib, then move to the center of the chest.