What is TRIM function in VBScript?

The Trim function removes spaces on both sides of a string.

How do you Trim in VB?

Visual Basic String TrimStart() Method The Trim() method will remove all leading and trailing whitespaces or defined characters from the current string object in visual basic. If you want to remove only leading or starting occurrences of the whitespaces or characters from the string, you need to use TrimStart() method.

How do you split in VBA?

The delimiter used to split expression into substrings. If not specified, the delimiter will default to a space character. Optional. The maximum number of substrings split from expression….Parameters or Arguments.

VBA Constant Value Explanation
CompareMethod.Text 1 Textual comparison

What is CHR 13 in vbscript?

Because constants are defined in the VBScript, they needn’t be declared in the script….Constants list of the language VBScript.

Constant Value Description
vbCr Chr(13) Carriage return
vbCrLf Chr(13) & Chr(10) Carriage return–linefeed combination
vbFormFeed Chr(12) Form feed; not useful in Windows OS
vbLf Chr(10) Line feed

How do I trim a range of cells in Excel VBA?

From the right-click, menu list select Assign Macro to link our created code as shown below. We will get the Assign Marco window, from there select already created macro code, here we have Trim_Data and then click on OK. Now select the data and click on the TRIM button.

How will you trim the spaces on the right of a string using VBScript?

VBScript Trim Function

  1. Trim. The Trim Function removes both the Leading and Trailing blank spaces of the given input string.
  2. Syntax. Trim(String)
  3. Example.