What is the standard length of steel bar?

Generally, the length of a standard TMT bar is 12 metres; it is the diameter that varies. The diameter can be 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm or 32 mm.

What is maximum length of steel bar?

Reinforcing Steel Bar Length: The maximum length of any type bar shall be 60 feet. Bar lengths greater than 40 feet will require oversized vehicles for hauling. The designer should take into account the total number of bars in excess of 40 feet to justify using longer bars.

What is the standard length of 12mm steel bar?

12mm rod weight:- 12mm rod supplied in U shaped bent or straight, a length of about 12 metres or 40 feet, generally 12mm rod weight around 10.667kg/ piece, 0.889kg/m or 0.270 kg/foot.

What length is steel sold in?

The standard length for buying steel pipe is 21 feet. Anyone who works with steel pipe will be aware that it is generally sold in lengths of 21 feet. Although several theories exist as to why this is, the actual reason is most likely due to its manufacturing history.

What is the full length of reinforcement bar?

Iron & Steel TMT Reinforcement Bar, Length : 12 Meter

Diameter 8 – 32 mm
Application Construction
Material Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron
Length 12 Meter

What is the full form of TMT bars?

TMT stands for ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’ that is also known as metallurgical process. These TMT Bars are manufactured under the IS (Indian Standards) Standards. In today’s market FE 500 & FE 500D TMT Bars are most used for all civil & retail construction purposes.

What is the size of steel?

Size of Steel bars used in construction are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm and so, and higher dia/size of steel bar like 75mm, 90mm, 100mm are also customise according to requirement by various steel company.

What is the length of a sheet of metal?

There are a variety of standard sheet metal sizes, including: 36” x 96” 36” x 120” 36” x 144”

How wide is a commercial bar top?

between 20 and 28 inches
Bar tops of home bars are usually built to measure between 12 and 16 inches wide. Commercial bar tops by comparison are wider – between 20 and 28 inches because it includes a drink rail on the side of the server at the bar.

What is the length of 8mm steel bar?

40 Feet
Product Specification

Diameter 8mm
Type TMT Coil
Unit Length 40 Feet
Grade Fe 550
Material Iron

How do you calculate the length of a steel bar?

  1. 900 Bend. Extra length for one bend = 4D. So, length of bar = L + 4D (Here, D denotes for Dia) Also read : PERMISSIBLE STRESSES IN CONCRETE AND STEEL REINFORCEMENT.
  2. 1800 Bend. Cover is taken as B and diameter of bar is taken as D. Additional length for each hook = 9D.

What are standard sizes of sheet steel?

SIZE SPECIFICATIONS 36” x 120” 36” x 144” 48” x 96” 48” x 120”

What size are sheets of steel?

The thickness of sheet metal starts from 0.5 mm and goes up to 6 mm. Anything above that is a metal plate. The thin sheet metal is easy to form, while still providing great strength.

What is the average length of a bar?

A commercial bar should be 42” to 45” high. The average person—taking into consideration both males and females—is 5′ 4” tall, which is 64.8”. That makes 42” to 45” of height ideal.

What are MS HYSD and TMT bars?

TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment is a process that uses both heat treatment and mechanical deformation. These bars tend to have higher tensile strength and stress resistance. HYSD or High Yielding Strength Deformed are steel rods made with heat treatment. While applying heat, the bars are cold twisted for shaping.