What is the song in the new iPhone commercial?

Apple released its latest AirPods commercial on June 2nd and it was immediately a big deal all over the music world. For a simple reason: the song featured in the ad comes from Harry Styles’ new album, Harry’s House.

What is the song in the orchestra iPhone 5 commercial?

Rob Simonsen – Red (iPhone5 Music Every Day Commercial Song)

What song is used in the Apple music commercial?

Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” is the soundtrack for a new ad for Apple’s AirPods with Spatial Audio that dropped on Thursday (June 2).

What is the song on the iPhone privacy commercial?

Given the lyrics of the song backing the Apple commercial, it’s not surprising that it’s called “Mind Your Own Business.” Originally released in 1979 as the debut single of the English post-punk band Delta 5, the song was somewhat of an instant hit — at least among fans of the avant-garde in Leeds.

Who is singer on phone commercial?

The singer and actress in the ad is Becky G. In the commercial, the singer is promoting Xfinity Mobile’s “reliable 5G network.” She adds that it is offered “for up to half the price of Verizon.”

Who sings the song in the new iPhone commercial?

Genasis’ ‘I Look Good’ is the Soundtrack for New iPhone 13 Commercial. O.T. Genasis is known for catchy singles and Apple certainly recognizes it.

Who sings the song on iPad commercial?

With the help of an iPad, Olivia Rodrigo stars in a music video for her song “brutal.” The video-editing capabilities of the iPad Pro enable her to easily add filters to bolster her many costumes and teen heartbreak. Needless to say, Apple believes that if you are an aspiring artist, the iPad is good 4 u.

What song is playing on the T-Mobile commercial?

The T-Mobile spot finds the best friends singing a parody version of West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty” as Braff gripes about overpaying for the internet, while Faison brags of his affordable deal. “Internet without BS!” they sing to close out the spot.

What song is this Apple Music?

Use Shazam on Android devices. You can create a Shazam account to keep track of all your Shazams and view them on www.shazam.com/myshazam. In addition to Apple Music, you can connect Shazam to other services like Snapchat and Spotify.

Who is the band in the new iPhone commercial?

The band singing the song is/was Delta 5. Alas, the British post-punk band from Leeds, England didn’t last long (they parted ways in 1981) but thank goodness the song has!

Who is in the new Apple commercial?

Harry Styles
As the new face of Apple AirPods’ spatial audio campaign, Harry Styles is featured in a colorful commercial singing “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” from his new album, “Harry’s House.” Styles has announced he’s donating his appearance fee to the International Rescue Committee, a global humanitarian aid organization …

Who is singing in the new T-Mobile commercial?

The carrier said it bought an extra ad slot to promote its home internet. T-Mobile is reuniting Scrubs stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a musical duet in a surprise third Super Bowl ad promoting the carrier’s new 5G home internet product.

What song is on the new Galaxy phone commercial?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Advert – Dancer Featuring a song called ‘Drip’ that we have all the details on below, Samsung have just released a couple of short new adverts for the Galaxy S21 Ultra…

Who sings the new Apple Privacy commercial?

The songs featured in the film are “Fantasy” by Esquivel and “Playground” by More Giraffes and Sweater Beats. The spot will be running on broadcast, social and online.

What is the song in the new iPad Pro commercial?

iPad Pro Commercial 2021 – Part of that World Featuring a reworking of a song from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, this new ‘Your next computer is not a computer’ 2021 commercial has been released by Apple to promote the latest iPad Pro.

What are the top 5 songs in the new Apple ads?

Apple Commercial Songs / Apple Ads Music 2021 – Updated on July 6. 1. Ferris Wheel Gilligan Moss, Rebecca & Fiona. 2. Mind Your Own Business Delta 5. 3. Mystery Lady Masego, Don Toliver. 4.

What is the new Apple iPad mini holiday commercial about?

Shot on an iPhone 13 Pro and titled ‘Saving Simon’, Apple’s Holiday commercial for tells the story of a little snowman and a girl’s efforts to stop him melting. As the weather begins to… Here we have the first commercial for the all-new Apple iPad Mini which shows people using the tablet while out and about for work, gaming, and lots in between.