What is the phone number for non emergency police department?

You may contact Non Emergency Police by calling (210) 207-7273.

When to call the non-emergency number?

You wake up to find your vehicle missing.

  • You have additional information to add to a previously reported incident.
  • You were assaulted 2 hours earlier and the suspect is not there now.
  • Your identification was stolen.
  • Your “ex” is calling you on the telephone and harassing you.
  • The neighbors are playing their music too loud.
  • What is the phone number for non emergency fire department?

    Non Emergencies: 3-1-1. Fire Administration Office 240 S. Water St. Henderson, NV 89015 702-267-2222 702-267-2223 (Fax) Shawn White Fire Chief Email. Contact Fire. FAQs

    Is there a non emergency police number in the USA?

    The short answer is no, there is unfortunately not a universal non-emergency number for police/fire/ambulance in North America but there are ten digit non-emergency numbers you can look up for your specific area.

    What is a non emergency police?

    Non-emergency numbers can be used for any general calls related to the police or fire departments that don’t pertain to a life-threatening emergency. This list is a work in progress. Submit your department’s non-emergency phone number in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list.

    Where is PD in Memphis TN?

    memphis police dept. public safety building 170 n. main street memphis, tn 38103 901-636-3700. emergency 911. non-emergency 901-545-cops. tty 901-543-2709

    Can police speed in non emergency?

    When a response requires the officer to go without lights or siren, they will usually follow road rules, speeding usually applies once the officer either has lights or sirens or both. Cops cannot use their position to speed in a non emergency situation. If the event occurs where you feel suspicious you can contact your local police department.