What is the meaning of Bhandari?

Bhandari or Bhandary is a surname found in various Hindu castes and communities in India and Nepal. Bhandari means treasurer, keeper of a storehouse. In Punjab, Bhandaris belong to the Khatri caste.

Which caste is parki?

Some Dait castes such as Viswakarma Pariyar and Sarki of the Hills and Chamar of the Terai have multiple names while some Dalit castes such as Musahar and Bantar of the Terai have single names; eg, Viswakarma has now become a common caste name that refers to Kami or Lohar or Sunar or Wod or Chunara or Parki or Tamata.

Which caste is Sonik?

The Sunar use Soni, Seth, Swarnkar, Shah, Bhutani, Sonik, Kapoor, Mehra, Rastogi, Verma, Saraf etc. as their surnames. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the community is also known as Soni. In Haryana, the Sunars are often known as Swarnakar, Soni, Suri and Verma, are their common surname.

Which caste is khadki?

Khadgi, a caste within the Newar community, has been taken out of the list of Dalits from the proposed draft of an ordinance to form the National Dalit Rights Commission, following objections from the Nepal Khadgi Sewa Samiti (NKSS).

Is Bhandari lower caste?

Varna status Bhandaris are included in the list of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in Goa. This provides them with certain rights under India’s scheme of affirmative action, such as reservation of positions in government employment and admission to professional colleges. They are also classified as OBCs in Maharashtra.

Is Soni a Brahmin?

The Soni are a Hindu and Sikh artisan caste found throughout India in the states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are traditionally Goldsmiths and Khatris.

Is Prajapati a low caste?

In Rajasthan, Kumhars (Also known as Prajapat) have six sub-groups namely Mathera, Kumavat, Kheteri, Marwara, Timria and Mawalia. In the social hierarchy of Rajasthan, they are placed in the middle of the higher castes and the Harijans. They follow endogamy with clan exogamy.

Is Bhandari is Rajput?

Varna status Bhandaris claim that they were originally Kshatriya traders from Rajputana who converted to Jainism. They also cite the practice of Sati and Jauhar amongst Konkan and Goa Bhandaris as representative of original Kshatriyas.

Can Brahmin and Vishwakarma marry?

In arrange marriages probably NOT possible. Since Vishwakarmas are not Brahmins. And the Real Brahmins Don’t consider Vishwakarmas as Brahmins.