What is the link between Chelsea and Vitesse?

When Chelsea struggle to give young players first-team opportunities, they can always rely on help from Vitesse Arnhem. The Blues are renowned for sending their up and coming stars on loan to other clubs to aid their development and Vitesse have been the main beneficiary.

Who owns Vitesse Arnhem?

Valeriy Oyf
SBV Vitesse

Full name Stichting Betaald Voetbal Vitesse
Owner Valeriy Oyf
Chairman Henk Parren
Head coach Thomas Letsch
League Eredivisie

Is Vitesse a Chelsea B team?

Vitesse came to be characterised as “Chelsea B”, due to the number of players the Premier League club sent them on loan.

Does Roman own Vitesse?

The Dutch Football Association has investigated twice, in 2010 and 2015, finding that although the original funder of the Vitesse purchase and current owner, Alexander Chigirinsky, is a friend and associate of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s Russian oligarch owner, there is no common management or ownership of the clubs.

Where are Vitesse Arnhem from?

Arnhem, NetherlandsSBV Vitesse / Location

Is Chelsea Russian owned?

On March 10th, the fifteenth day of the war in Ukraine, the British government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, the reigning European and world champions of the club game.

What is Vitesse worth?

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse: $2.5 million, worth every penny. The latest version of the Veyron ups the ante on power a bit and on price, by a lot.

Where does Abramovich get his money from?

Billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich is best known as the owner of English Premier League club Chelsea FC. The 53-year-old has an estimated net worth of $12.2 billion, after making his fortune in the oil industry. He has been named by Forbes as the world’s 120th richest person.

Who owns CSKA Sofia?


Full name Professional Football Club CSKA Sofia
Capacity 22,995
Shareholders Grisha Ganchev (38.5%) Yulian Indzhov (38.5%) Hristo Stoichkov (20.0%)
Head coach Saša Ilić
League First League

How is Abramovich so rich?

Why does Abramovich have to sell?

Why is Roman Abramovich selling Chelsea? The reason Roman Abramovich wants to sell Chelsea is because he is facing the threat of being sanctioned by the UK government. If that was to happen, potentially all his assets in the UK could be frozen and he would lose control of the club.