What is the income limit for legal aid in PA?

Financial Eligibility Guidelines 2022

Household Size Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $1,416 $16,988
2 $1,907 $22,888
3 $2,399 $28,788
4 $2,891 $34,688

How do I get power of attorney for elderly parent in PA?

A POA in Pennsylvania must be dated, signed by the principal, witnessed by two adults, and notarized. If the principal is not able to write, he or she may sign by making a mark (such as an “X”) or by directing another person to sign on his or her behalf.

What is elder law in PA?

An elder law attorney deals with long-term care planning, end-of-life issues, housing assistance and options, elder abuse, neglect and exploitation, age discrimination in employment, veterans’ benefits, services of the Area Agencies on Aging, the legal rights of residents of nursing facilities, and federal and state …

How much does it cost to get a power of attorney in Pennsylvania?

between $200 and $500
What does it typically cost to get a Power of Attorney form in Pennsylvania? The fees associated with hiring a lawyer to write a Power of Attorney might total between $200 and $500, based on your location.

What is a cela?

The Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) certification has frequently been referred to as “the gold standard” for elder law and special needs practitioners. This reflects the hard work and proof required before an attorney can proudly proclaim that he or she holds the valued designation.

Where can I get free legal assistance in Montgomery County?

If you need legal assistance, but cannot afford to hire an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal services. Depending on your circumstances, free legal services may be available through Legal Aid, the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office or through Ohio Legal Services.

Where can a self-represented litigant go for help in Montgomery County?

Self-represented litigants in family-related cases (e.g., divorce, child custody) are welcome to visit the Montgomery County Circuit Court Family Law Self-Help Center, located on the 1st Floor of the South Tower, Rm 1500.

How do I obtain an interpreter in Montgomery County?

View the fees for services provided by the Prothonotary’s Office. To obtain an Interpreter, please complete the appropriate Interpreter Request Form found at: www.montcopa.org/1622/Interpreters-Requests or click on “Interpreter Requests” above. Need a Lawyer? Montgomery County PA Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service