What is the goal of Postal 2?

The objective of Postal 2 is to finish all of the tasks throughout the week, and the player can accomplish these tasks in any way they wish, be it as peacefully and civilly as possible, or as violently and chaotically as possible.

How many levels are there in postal redux?

After 17 action-packed levels, you must be feeling pretty weary and tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation?

Does Postal Have a story?

It tells the story of the Postal Dude who has to fight his way through a town filled with corrupt police officers and street thugs in order to retrieve his stolen car. an official spin-off of the Postal series, developed by Hyperstrange and CreativeForge Games and published by Hyperstrange and Running with Scissors.

When did Postal 3 release?

December 21, 2011Postal III / Initial release date

Is Postal 2 legal?

I own all postal games. I bought stuff from the rws store and got the packages without any trouble. The games might be banned but you won’t get punished for owning them. It is not illegal.

Is there a guide for Postal 2 achievements?

I Regret Noting! This is a short and simple guide that will help you get Postal 2 achievements! The guide is basically complete.I looked at the forums for some of the achievements.Feel free to discuss and/or contribute. Something you need to know before you start. This is my first guide ever, enjoy.

What is Postal 2 complete?

POSTAL 2 Complete, renamed simply POSTAL 2 in later versions, is the definitive version of POSTAL 2 released on Steam after a successful Greenlight campaign. It is a vastly updated version of the POSTAL 2 base game with Share The Pain, Apocalypse Weekend, a modified version of the A Week in Paradise mod, and Steam Workshop support.

How many kills does it take to beat Postal 2?

Completed the “POSTAL 2” game mode with no kills. It’s best to use the tazer the entire time due to it being able to eliminate enemies with non-lethal force. Completed the “POSTAL 2” game mode with a total play time of 1:30:00 or less.

Does steam Steamworks support Postal 2?

Steamworks has been fully implement allowing easier mod support via steam workshop, unlockable achievements, steam trading cards, and steam cloud saving. In addition to this, an updated version of POSTed with the Unrealscript source code of POSTAL 2 and its expansions are available for all versions of the game.