What is the cost of BNI membership?

The investment to join BNI consists of an application fee and a participation fee: Application Fee: $250. Participation Fees: $649 for a one year membership, or $999 for a two year membership.

What BNI stands for?

Business Networking International
BNI stands for Business Networking International.

What are the benefits of BNI?

Here are six key benefits of joining BNI®.

  • Get Quality Referrals.
  • Grow Your Network.
  • Learn Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.
  • Build a Support Team.
  • Access Online and In-Person Training.
  • Ability to Take on a Leadership Position.

Who is the founder of BNI?

Ivan MisnerBNI / Founder

What can you not do in BNI?

Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time in BNI

  • Show up late or multi-task during the meeting.
  • Be absent.
  • Don’t invite your own guests.
  • Use other people’s 60-second presentation time to think about what to say yourself.
  • Focus your efforts on selling your services to the members.
  • Don’t rush following up on a member referral.

Is BNI a franchise?

Franchise Description: BNI Franchising, LLC is the franchisor….BNI Global Franchise Costs & Fees.

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $45,000 $45,000
Orientation and Conference and Travel Expenses $2,000 $4,000
Training Fees $2,200 $3,400
Professional Fees $2,000 $10,000

How long do BNI meetings last?

The BNI Meeting: Remember to use this meeting time to get know the chapter culture, and its members. Meetings are generally high energy and run according to a structured BNI agenda. Meetings are 90 minutes duration with opening networking time before and after the formal meeting.

Who is the CEO of BNI?

Graham Weihmiller (Dec 10, 2014–)BNI / CEO

Who is founder of BNI?

Where do BNI fees go?

BNI California Capital Region is a service and support company that facilitates the creation of referral networking chapters in order to increase business and profits for our members. The cost of membership pays for the structure, training, and administration of the BNI system.

Who founded BNI?