What is the biggest county fair in the country?

San Diego County Fair Not only is this the largest county fair in the country in terms of attendance, it is one of the largest fairs, period.

Where is the oldest county fair in the US?

Billed as the oldest continuously operating county fair in America, the Franklin County Fair (September 5-8, 2019) started as a cattle show on the Town Common in November of 1848.

What is the oldest running fair in the United States?

The Great New York State Fair is the oldest in the United States, having first started in 1841 in Syracuse.

When did LA County Fair Start?

October 17, 1922L.A. County Fair / First event date

When was the first county fair in America?

The first U.S. county fair, which was held in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1807, was basically just a sheep shearing demonstration and contest. It was the brainchild of sheep farmer Elkanah Watson, who simply wanted to promote better farming practices.

When did fairs start in America?

The first American fair is thought to have been organized in Pittsfield, MA in 1807 by Franklin Watson. It became known as the Berkshire County Fair and still operates as such today. In 1841, New York organized the first state agricultural fair in Syracuse. Overall, 47 of the 50 states have a state fair.

What state fair has the largest daily attendance?

Also known by its slogan, “The Great Minnesota Get-Together”, it is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance and the second-largest state fair in the United States by total attendance, trailing only the State Fair of Texas, which generally runs twice as long as the Minnesota State Fair.

How long has the LA county fair been around?

The Los Angeles County Fair is an annual county fair. It was first held on October 17, 1922, and ran for five days through October 21, 1922, in a former beet field in Pomona, California….L.A. County Fair.

Los Angeles County Fair
Attendance 0 (2020–21)
Website LACF

What state has the best county fair?

The 20 Best State Fairs Around the U.S.

  • Minnesota State Fair in St Paul. mnstatefair.
  • The State Fair of Texas in Dallas.
  • Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis.
  • Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.
  • Great New York State Fair in Syracuse.
  • Ohio State Fair in Columbus.
  • Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.
  • North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh.

How many county fairs are in California?

23 county fairs – County government or not-for-profit organizations. 2 citrus fruit fairs – not-for-profit organizations. The California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo) – a state agency.

When was the first LA County Fair?

What is the most popular state fair?

State Fair of Texas The grand State Fair of Texas is the largest in the U.S., attracting a whopping 2.25 million visitors annually.

How much are the LA County Fair tickets 2022?


Any Day Tickets Advance Online Day-Of Online
Adult Any Day Ages 13-59 $20 $23
Child Any Day Ages 6-12 $12 $12
Senior Any Day Ages 60+ $12 $12

How many fairs are there in California?

78 fairs
It is our intention to assist you in visiting the 78 fairs in our great state and enjoying their annual fair celebrations in addition to the unbelievable variety of interim events conducted on fairgrounds.

What state has the best fair?

10 Best State Fairs to Visit this Year

  1. Minnesota State Fair. The largest fair in the country by daily attendance, the Minnesota State Fair is not an event to miss.
  2. State Fair of Texas.
  3. Iowa State Fair.
  4. The Big E.
  5. North Carolina State Fair.
  6. The Great New York State Fair.
  7. Kentucky State Fair.
  8. Wisconsin State Fair.