What is the best groundbait for tench?

What Are the Best Particles for Tench?

  • Sweetcorn.
  • Pellets (you can find both Sticky Baits Bloodworm and Sticky Baits Krill Pellets on Amazon here)
  • Hempseeds.
  • Chopped worms.
  • Maggots.
  • Casters.

Do tench like groundbait?

Most anglers wouldn’t associate tench fishing with using groundbait, but a few years ago now I stumbled across a great combination that works very well in both a cage and Method feeder – and the tench love it!

Do tench like boilies?

Boilies play a big part in today’s modern day tench angling. Tench have got big from feeding on the ever popular carp angling and angler’s bait! So boilies should never ever be ignored.

What’s the best groundbait?

With so many options, I am going to run you through a few of my favourites groundbaits and how I fish with them!

  • Sticky Baits Manilla Active Mix.
  • Munch Baits Cream Seed Stick Mix.
  • DNA Baits Cloudy Spod Mix Blizzard.
  • CC Moore Krill Bag Mix.
  • Dynamite Baits Krill Method Mix.
  • Sonubaits Chunky Fish Groundbait.

When should I start fishing for tench?

In summer, the best time to catch tench is between very early morning and early noon. Early to late evenings work best in spring, while later mornings and early afternoons are best in autumn. On mild winter days, tench fishing, while not being easy, yields the best results in the afternoon.

Does tench feed at night?

Tench most certainly do feed at night. In fact, in many venues, the dark hours of the night are the absolute best time to fish for tench. Tench can be extremely night active and if you get them feeding in your swim, you might actually be catching them throughout the entire night.

What boilies do tench like?

The best boilie flavours for tench are pineapple, bloodworm and krill.

What Flavours do tench like?

How do you catch the big tench?

You can find them in a variety of venues from small ponds to canals. But gravel pits give you the best chance of catching a specimen-sized tinca. These waters are often rich in natural food that the tench can grow big on.

Do tench like sweetcorn?

Sweetcorn. Tench love sweetcorn! No matter if the venue is frequently fished by many anglers or has never been fished before, tench will always take one or two grains of sweetcorn on the hook.

Does tench feed on bottom?

Whilst it is true that tench occasionally rise to the surface to feed on the insects which are found there, the bottom is the ideal place to fish for them as their natural diet is made up of crustaceans, molluscs, worms, water snails and aquatic insects.

What is the best groundbait for Tench?

The best groundbait for tench really depends on the venue you are fishing and your personal preference. But as a general rule there is certainly some flavours and ingredients that the tench tend to favour. Tench are primarily bottom feeders. You will never tend to find tench feeding mid water or from the surface.

Will Tench take artificial baits?

Whether it is a bunch of rubber casters, a piece of fake corn, or a plastic pop-up boilie, tench will readily take artificial baits, and so often these can make the fishing so much easier.

What are the best rigs and methods for tench fishing?

Best rigs and methods for tench fishing in spring through to late summer My go to tench top tip “if” there isn’t eels in the venue your fishing is to use worms and lots of them. Tench love worms! Especially big tench. I like to fish open end ground bait feeders fished helicopter style.

What Tench can spot a yellow hookbait?

I think that any tench that is cruising past can spot the yellow hookbait very easily, and more often than not will eat it. Don’t expect this tactic to last for very long, though. For some reason it loses its effectiveness by the middle of May.