What is the average price for an English Labrador?

Labrador retriever puppies can vary in price depending on their pedigree, color, health, and appearance. The normal price of a purebred lab puppy is between $400 to $1,500, with the average being around $800.

What is an English blockhead Lab?

Block head Lab is a description applied to Labradors from conformation or show type breeding lines. They are also known as English Labs, although they don’t have to come from England. Block head Labs have broader heads than dogs from working lines, with a shorter muzzle and more pronounced brow bone.

Are English Labs more expensive than American?

Price Difference. If you are buying a Labrador Retriever from a recognized breeder, English Labs and American Labs typically cost the same. These puppies can range from $800 to $1,200 when adopted from a reputable breeder. There are instances where English Lab puppies may be more expensive.

Are English Labs good dogs?

English Labradors generally have a friendly and upbeat temperament. Most tend to get along well with everyone, including other dogs and strangers, when they’ve had proper training and socialization….Characteristics of the English Labrador.

Affection Level High
Amount of Shedding High

Are English Labs Smart?

English Labs are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. It is not uncommon to find these canines working as a service dogs, helping blind people among other life changing professions. These clever dogs are very food and play motivated, making them very easy to train.

Are male or female Labs more affectionate?

Male Labradors are typically more affectionate than female Labradors, although the females will not shy away from affection. The difference is subtle and more seen as independence in the females. The male dogs tend to come to their humans for affection whereas the female will be happy for her humans to come to her.