What is the antonyms and synonyms counterfeit?

Some common synonyms of counterfeit are fake, fraud, humbug, imposture, and sham. While all these words mean “a thing made to seem other than it is,” counterfeit applies especially to the close imitation of something valuable.

What part of speech is the word counterfeit?


part of speech: adjective
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: counterfeits, counterfeiting, counterfeited
definition 1: to make a fraudulent imitation or copy of. The criminals counterfeited money in addition to robbing banks. synonyms: fake, forge similar words: copy

Whats counterfeit means?

1 : made in exact imitation of something genuine and meant to be taken as genuine counterfeit money. 2 : not sincere counterfeit sympathy. counterfeit. verb. counterfeited; counterfeiting.

What is non counterfeit?

Adjective. noncounterfeit (not comparable) Not counterfeit.

What is anti counterfeiting?

Meaning of anti-counterfeiting in English intended or intending to prevent or reduce the existence of counterfeit goods (= goods made to look like originals, for dishonest or illegal purposes): He directs the company’s anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting efforts.

What is anti-counterfeiting?

What is not forgery?

Signing someone else’s name on a friendly letter would not be forgery because it is probably not legally significant. On the other hand, signing someone else’s name on a letter of recommendation for a job may be forgery because it might affect employment and that is legally significant.

What is the difference between forgery and uttering?

Forgery and uttering Forgery consists of unlawfully and intentionally making a false document to the actual or potential prejudice of another. Uttering consists of unlawfully and intentionally passing off a false document (forged) to the actual or potential prejudice of another.

What is uttering in crime?

Primary tabs. Under common law, uttering is when a person offers as genuine a forged instrument with the intent to defraud. criminal law.

What is a forgery meaning?

1 : the crime of falsely making or changing a written paper or signing someone else’s name. 2 : something that is falsely made or copied This signature is a forgery.

What is simple forgery?

A simple forgery is one in which no attempt has been made to imitate a genuine signature. It may be the signature of a particular person, or it could be a fictitious name. A simple forgery is the easiest type of forgery to identify because it does not resemble a known signature.

What is the opposite of uttered?

Opposite of communicated in a verbal manner. nonvocal. unvoiced. voiceless. silent.

What is name by forging?

forgery, in law, making of a false writing with an intent to defraud. Writing, to be forgery, must either have legal significance or be commonly relied upon in business transactions. It need not be handwriting; the law of forgery covers printing, engraving, and typewriting as well.

What is spurious forgery?

A fraudulent signature in which there is no apparent attempt at simulation or imitation.

What is copied forgery?

Copy-move forgery is the manipulation of an image’s content by copying and pasting from one region to another location within the same image.