What is size of a Dell desktop computer?

Product Specification

Brand Dell
Height 31.4 Centimeters
Weight 3.14 Kg
Width 53.8 Centimeters
Dimensions 3.9 x 53.8 x 31.4 cm

What size is the Dell OptiPlex 9020?

Specification: Dell Optiplex 9020

Dimensions (W x D x H) Mini-Tower (175 x 417 x 360 mm) / Small Form Factor (92.6 x 312 x 290 mm) / Ultra-small form factor (65 x 240 x 236.7 mm) / Micro (36 x 176 x 182 mm)
Weight 7700 g / 5000 g / 6000 g / 3500 g / 1280 g

How big is a Dell OptiPlex?

Dimensions and weight 290 mm (11.42 in.) 290 mm (11.42 in.) 92.60 mm (3.65 in.)

What are the different Dell desktop models?

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What size is Dell SFF?


Physical Height Width
Mini-Tower 36.00 cm (14.17 inches) 17.50 cm (6.89 inches)
Small Form Factor 29.00 cm (11.42 inches) 9.30 cm (3.66 inches)
Ultra Small Form Factor 23.70 cm (9.33 inches) 6.50 cm (2.56 inches)

What is the difference between Dell desktops?

One key difference is to look at the Windows edition that’s offered. Many consumer PCs tend to offer basic versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 Home. Dell business desktops will often offer more premium versions, such as Windows 10 Pro. Windows Home can be upgraded to Pro for an additional cost of $99.

Is Dell Optiplex 9020 a good PC?

Answer: Dell OptiPlex 3020, 7020, and 9020 are still a great 1080p gaming machines in 2021. Pared with a proper CPU, and GPU they run games with higher then 60 FPS easily. If you are into online competitive gaming like Fortnite, Overwatch, CS:GO, DOTA2 – PC from the xx20 series is the perfect budget build.

What size is the Dell OptiPlex?

System dimensions – physical

Tower Small Form Factor
Height (inch / cm) 13.8 / 35 11.42 / 29
Width (inch / cm) 6.1 / 15.4 3.65 / 9.26
Depth (inch / cm) 10.8 / 27.4 11.50 / 29.2
Shipping Weight (lb / kg – includes packaging materials) 20.96 / 9.43 14.19/6.45

Are Dell Computers good quality?

Dell’s laptops look great, offer decent internal hardware, and have heaps of style (and they have some of the best ruggedized options on the market). They’re made with premium materials, sport a solid battery life, and are light and portable.

What are the key features of the mini tower?

Expanded capabilities: Designed to support dual hard drives and expandable discrete graphics, to grow with your needs. Scaled down chassis: The Mini Tower redesigned chassis is ~43% smaller, and the Small Form Factor was reduced by ~7%.

What is the difference between the mini tower and small form factor?

The Mini Tower (MT) case is far better than the Small Form Factor (SFF) case versions for a few reasons. (1). Air flow is much better. Although the SFF don’t have bad airflow, it isn’t as good as the MT cases. (2). Full size PCIe slots allow for full size cards to be installed (SFF require half height cards) (3). More HDD/SSD spots and connections.

What kind of monitor does the Dell P-Series Mini PC have?

The monitor stand can sit on a desktop or be mounted to a wall. With a Dell P-Series or UltraSharp USB-C monitor, this mini PC offers single power cord connectivity for a clean and efficient workspace.

What is Dell Optiplex ultra mini PC?

With a Dell P-Series or UltraSharp USB-C monitor, this mini PC offers single power cord connectivity for a clean and efficient workspace. OptiPlex Ultra offers adaptable features and flexible configurations that make it the ideal solution for a variety of workers in a multi-user, open-plan workspace.