What is Santigold up to?

She’s still making vital music: In 2018, the songwriter, who lives part-time in Jamaica, quietly released I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions, a joyful dance-hall-inspired mixtape/album with a creative spark that shines bright.

Why did Santigold change her name?

Genre bending singer Santogold has been forced to change her name to Santigold, because of a lawsuit from an obscure jewelry sales man. Santogold singer Santi White isn’t talking, but she released a coded message, according to withoutapause.com.

Who is Santigold married to?

Trevor AndrewSantigold / Spouse

Where is Santigold from singer?

Philadelphia, PASantigold / Place of birth

Where does Santigold live now?

β€œIn the early years, the shows were in little bars and it was so fun,” says Santigold, who spent two decades living in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles two years ago.

Where is Santigold from?

Was Santigold in the office?

As promised, Santigold appeared on the second-to-last episode of NBC’s “The Office”. She appears as a baffled judge on an “American Idol”-like show called “The Next Great A Cappella Sensation” alongside “Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

What genre is Santigold?

Alternative/IndieSantigold / Genre

Who is the singer of Freak Like Me?

On August 28, 2000, a collaboration between two UK garage groups, Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy, released a cover version of “Freak Like Me”. English singer Imaani provided vocals on the song. This version reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the UK Dance Singles Chart.

What does it mean to be a freak?

In the 70’s “freak” meant several things i.e. To do the nasty with the same sex. Being a “head” (stoner). It also had other meanings when used in other scenarios like “freak your hair” meant to take a White guys straight hair and braid in very small braids wet and let it dry and take it out. It frizzed way out. I think this song covers it all.

What is the CID number for Freak Like Me by Sugababes?

CID798, 582898-2. ^ “Freak Like Me”. April 22, 2002 – via Amazon. ^ Freak Like Me (UK cassette single sleeve). Sugababes.

When did Sugababes Freak Like Me Come Out?

^ Freak Like Me (UK CD1 liner notes). Sugababes. Island Records. 2002. CID798, 582898-2. ^ “Freak Like Me”. April 22, 2002 – via Amazon.