What is Prolog in programming language?

Prolog is a logic programming language associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.

What is Prolog describe with example?

Prolog or PROgramming in LOGics is a logical and declarative programming language. It is one major example of the fourth generation language that supports the declarative programming paradigm. This is particularly suitable for programs that involve symbolic or non-numeric computation.

What is Prolog language in artificial intelligence?

Prolog stands for programming in logic. it is a logic programming language for artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence developed in Prolog will examine the link between a fact, a true statement, and a rule, a conditional statement, in order to come up with a question, or end objective.

What are the features of Prolog language?

The main characteristics/notions of the Visual Prolog programming language are:

  • based on logical programming with Horn clauses.
  • fully object oriented.
  • object predicate values (delegates)
  • strongly typed.
  • algebraic data types.
  • pattern matching and unification.
  • controlled non-determinism.
  • fully integrated fact databases.

What is Prolog and its features?

Prolog is a logic programming language. It has important role in artificial intelligence. Unlike many other programming languages, Prolog is intended primarily as a declarative programming language. In prolog, logic is expressed as relations (called as Facts and Rules).

What are the application of Prolog?

The applications of prolog are as follows: Specification Language. Robot Planning. Natural language understanding.

What are advantages of Prolog?

Although Prolog is not a complete implementation of logic, it is much closer to it than C, and is more like mathematical notation. It is easy to build tables and databases while a program is running, as I did with memo_fib . You don’t need a lot of programming effort. You can reason about programs as algebraic objects.

What applications use Prolog?

Prolog programming: applications for database systems, expert systems, and natural language systems

  • Artificial intelligence. Computer vision. Computer vision problems.
  • Machine learning. Machine learning algorithms. Feature selection.
  • Modeling and simulation. Model development and analysis. Model verification and validation.

What is the advantage of Prolog?

Advantages and disadvantage of Prolog programming This compiler is working fast and hustle-free. The prolog programming has powerful interfaces between the prolog and C programming language. The user of prolog programmer creates their constraints with customization. The prolog programmer provides several extensions.

What are the basic elements of Prolog?

Some of the basic elements of Prolog are: Term. Fact statements….EasyExamNotes.com covered following topics in PPL.

  • Language Evaluation Criteria.
  • Influences on Language Design.
  • Language Categories.
  • Programming Paradigms.
  • Compilation.
  • Virtual Machines.
  • Programming Environments.
  • Issues in Language Translation.