What is Monstrumologist?

It is the first book in The Monstrumologist series, followed by The Curse of the Wendigo. The story follows Will Henry, an orphaned assistant to Dr. Pellinore Warthrop, a man who specializes in monstrumology, the study of monsters.

Where does Monstrumologist take place?

New Jerusalem
New Jerusalem, 1888 Warthrop live in the sleepy town of New Jerusalem, which is apparently somewhere in New England. Now, if you were to Google New Jerusalem you wouldn’t get a place on the map.

What genre is the Monstrumologist?

Horror fictionYoung adult fictionFantasy FictionGothic fiction
The Monstrumologist/Genres

Is the Monstrumologist appropriate?

Gruesomely good gothic horror too violent for younger teens.

What is Rick Yancey known for?

Rick Yancey is an author best known for suspense, fantasy, and science fiction books. Yancey began writing when he was young and published his first book, A Burning in Homeland, in 2003.

What is the theme of the book Monstrumologist?

Moving Forward. One of the most poignant themes in the novel is the leaving behind of the past in an effort to move forward. Will Henry lost his parents in a fire, and suffers greatly as a result. He misses them terribly, and in addition, he has an affliction, readers learn at the end, that stems from his own father.

How old is Rick Yancey?

59 years (November 4, 1962)Rick Yancey / Age

What inspired Rick Yancey to write The 5th Wave?

Yancey, 50, said he was inspired to write “The 5th Wave” after seeing a BBC interview in which noted physicist Stephen Hawking contended that, if beings from other planets ever do visit Earth, it’s likely that they would destroy our civilization because it would be so inferior to their own.

Will there be a 4th 5th wave book?

A movie adaptation of the first novel starring Chloë Grace Moretz hit theaters early last year. While little is currently known about the fourth 5th Wave book, we do know that it is expected to hit shelves during the spring of 2018. That’s one year away, Wavers!

Does Evan Walker find Cassie?

Evan infiltrates Camp Haven to help Cassie, Sam and Ben Evan then finds Cassie after she has found her brother and reunited with Ben Parish.

Is Evan Walker alive in the last star?

Evan Walker survives as he was saved by Grace and is nursed and treated in the same manner by her that Cassie was by him. The hotel that Squad 53 stayed in they had decided to name the Walker Hotel on account of him helping them to escape and bring down Camp Haven.

How old is Sammy in The 5th Wave?

Sammy is Cassie’s adorable five-year-old brother. He has “big brown teddy-bear eyes” (10.53), as well as an actual teddy bear that he leaves with Cassie when he’s kidnapped by alien soldiers.

Will The Infinite Sea be a movie?

If you aren’t already a fan of the action-packed YA series, catch up now: Hollywood is already on board with a film adaptation in the works, which stars Chloë Grace Moretz as heroine Cassie Sullivan.

Do Evan and Cassie end up together?

Though they were together again, Cassie was beginning to pull away from Evan. She claimed that he wasn’t in love with her but was in love with the idea of her. They ended up consummating their relationship as she accepted her feelings of him though they ‘knew’ it wouldn’t truly come to be.

Is the infinite sea movie out yet?

The Infinite Sea, the much-anticipated follow-up to Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave, hits shelves Sept. 16, and EW has an exclusive first look at the trailer.